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Winston Pierce
You’re a Good Person(TM), too
Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:13

Winston put his tulip aside for later grading once Professor Skies was done dealing with the more troublesome members of the class. He smiled in commiseration toward Emerald who he had been lucky enough to get as a desk neighbor today. Emerald was a good person, too, and he was glad he wasn’t as unfortunate as poor Miss Kirkly who was finding her self in charge of keeping Jozua Sparks in line. As if that was possible. She might be a mixed blood, but today, Winston felt nothing but pity toward the Teppenpaw prefect.

“Utterly ridiculous,” he agreed verbally, in case the smile didn’t convey the fullness of his concurrence. He heaved a heavy put-upon sigh. “And I had hoped this year would be a pleasant one, with my sister starting and the ball coming up.”

Winston wasn’t entirely sure who he was going to ask yet to the ball, but he felt he had a good shot at finding someone with the right kind of pedigree who was willing to say yes. Emerald herself was definitely on the short list, though he doubted Transfiguration class was the appropriate venue for asking, even if he was fully decided and had cleared it with Simon and Victor to make sure neither of them were secretly crushing on Emerald and would resent Winston for asking her to the dance first.

“Have you thought about what you’ll wear?” he asked, hoping this was a topic most girls would find pleasant and cheering, as his intent was to divert Emerald to a more pleasant topic than Lily and Jozua and their improper antics. “I’m looking forward to getting some new dress robes, though I haven’t decided which ones yet. My cousins have a fashion line with quite a few very fine choices. Have you heard of Ann & Ann Apparel?”

And if he could drum up some extra business for the Anns, they might be willing to design him something even better than what they already had available. The Anns might have other problems, but their understanding of good clothes was not one of them. Well, it wasn’t one of Annabelle’s issues anyway, and she kept her sister in line in that regard.

  • Good for you.Emerald Brockert,Aladren, Thu Feb 22 11:36
    This was the last year that Emerald would be able to get away from Topaz for the majority of the year. Next year, the little monster would be attending her first year at Sonora and she'd probably be... more
    • You’re a Good Person(TM), too — Winston Pierce, Wed Mar 14 12:13
      • Aw, thanks. I appreciate that.Emerald, Thu Apr 5 17:35
        She was pleased to hear Winston's agreement. When the initial conflict had happened, two older students acted like Lily's behavior was perfectly okay. How would they have felt if it had been a member ... more
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