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Professor Skies
Advanced - Let Your Freak Flag Fly
Sat Mar 17, 2018 23:14

“Good morning,” Selina greeted the advanced students, trying not to eye them warily. The whole student population seemed to be losing it lately, and she had really had enough. She trusted the advanced students to behave themselves - after all, they were the oldest and most mature, and they had also all chosen to be in this class. Apparently they were spreading a fever around, which made her reluctant to get too close, but hopefully they wouldn’t also be involved in any of the silliness that seemed to be spreading just as badly.

“Today we will be combining two familiar themes. We will be continuing on with our conjuration practice but adding more complexity via design,” the latter was a familiar method of gaining extra credit which the students would have used throughout their time in her class. Some of the seventh years had probably also been embellishing their projects early on in the term to stretch themselves, but today’s class was very design-focussed.

“I would like you to design a flag that represents you. I would like you to draw these out with all the different elements, such as fabrics and design types labelled,” she added, waving her wand to send coloured pencils to every desk. “If you don’t know technical words, that’s fine. You can say ‘shiny fabric’ or things like that. Are your designs going to be printed or embroidered? That sort of thing. Drawing it out will help you visualise accurately and in detail, and will also help me in marking your final product.

“The spell for this is Vexillius, and you may prefix it with ’Elicio’ to make the spell easier. You need a sweeping wand movement - think of a flag waving in the breeze,” she advised, demonstrating something that approached an S-shape, flowing from high to low. She then demonstrated the full spell, producing a blue flag in the centre of which was a shield depicting a barn owl in front of some clouds, a motif which represented both her maiden name and patronus form in the owl, and her married name in the clouds.

“You may begin.”

OOC - points are awarded for length, realism, relevance and creativity.

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