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Aw, thanks. I appreciate that.
Thu Apr 5, 2018 17:35

She was pleased to hear Winston's agreement. When the initial conflict had happened, two older students acted like Lily's behavior was perfectly okay. How would they have felt if it had been a member of their family that she was mocking? That was what had really upset Emerald. She didn't really care what Lily looked like, it was just the easy thing to say when she was angry. And she had rather meant the part about the Pecari getting in trouble with her mother. It would have served her right to get in trouble after being so disrespectful.

And that she felt she had the right to do it! If she had least apologized or looked a bit ashamed. That was what bothered Emerald most. It was one thing not to conform to proper standards-that was Lily's problem-but to think she could go around treating people in whatever way she wanted showed that the fifth year had no regard for they felt. It showed a tremendous bit of ego and entitlement and quite frankly, wasn't that different from Topaz.

Of course, Emerald didn't think Lily was as manipulative as her little sister. That would take intelligence. Whatever else Topaz was, she was bright. Lily was not.

And okay, so Winston wasn't exactly supporting her on that particular issue as he didn't know and she wasn't going to bring it up. She did want to put it aside generally speaking because the Pecari didn't really deserve her energy but the older girl did tend to spark something visceral in Emerald because of it. And right now, her classmate agreed with her about Lily's (and possibly Jozua's) current antics. That was enough.

The Aladren smiled at Winston. "Not really. I'm pretty sure my sister and my cousin have been planning for months though." Emerald wasn't really a girl who was that into fashion but Ruby and Angelique loved and those were the two relatives closest in age that she was around much so she had sat their quietly-and somewhat bored-when they'd get into the topic. So, she had heard of Winston's cousins' line. "Actually, I have seen their stuff. It's quite lovely. I know some of my relatives have dresses they designed."

  • You’re a Good Person(TM), tooWinston Pierce, Wed Mar 14 12:13
    Winston put his tulip aside for later grading once Professor Skies was done dealing with the more troublesome members of the class. He smiled in commiseration toward Emerald who he had been lucky... more
    • Aw, thanks. I appreciate that. — Emerald, Thu Apr 5 17:35
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