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Gary Harper
Anything can be useful, if you put your mind to it
Sun May 6, 2018 19:23

Gary put his campaign notebook away and flipped open his class notebook as Professor Skies began class. He was a bit stuck in his planning, and didn't mind the break to do actual classwork. Sometimes he was on a roll and didn't particularly enjoy being pulled back to 'the real world', but this was definitely not one of those times. He was happy to put aside the corner he'd written himself into and attempt to twist reality to his will once more. He doubted this magic business would ever stop feeling strange to him. Oh well, here we go again.

The task set before them didn't sound to complicated, again putting aside all known physical laws and such, just turn a paper bag into a glove. Sure, why not? What kind of glove could he try to make? He'd get bonus points for fancy ones. As has become his custom when he needed inspiration, he turned back to his game world. Sethas would wear something both elegant and functional, leather, arrow snaring? Maybe. He turned the image over in his mind, yeah that could work. He wouldn't even need to do to much with the color between the soft deerskin and the brown paper. It was going to take a bunch of other changes though, that was going to be difficult.

Gary looked over at Parker who had wound up sitting next to him again. His classmate had a white cloth bag setting in front of him, "Looks like you've got the material and color variations out of the way first." He considered for a moment, "That's a good plan, it's like in mathematics, if you can reduce a new problem down to a previously solved problem you can get to the solution easier." He looked at his own paper bag, "I'd better get started on mine."

Focusing on the bag in front of him, and recalling the image he had generated, Gary tried his hand at the spell. Without needing to worry to much about the color, he focused on shape and material. Once that was done, then he'd worry about the embellishments. The bag obligingly shifted in form, and he was left with a dull looking brown leather glove. He smiled at Parker, "You're a genius, now to change a boring object to a fancier one should be relatively simple, right?"

  • I don't see the use of gloves like these...Parker Fitzgerald, Fri May 4 09:54
    Parker was feeling good about this Transfiguration class. A sentence he would have laughed at a year before, mainly because it took so long for him to get boots right. Now as he sat in class wearing... more
    • Anything can be useful, if you put your mind to it — Gary Harper, Sun May 6 19:23
      • My mind... is useful? I mean. Yes. Useful.Parker Fitzgerald, Tue May 22 14:13
        PParker nodded to Gary's comment about math. He'd honestly never thought of math that way, and if he had thought about math at all since he'd come to Sonora, it was that he didn't have to study it... more
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