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Heinrich Hexenmeister
We all lose
Tue May 8, 2018 15:36

Heinrich wasn’t sure whether he was upset at the Quarantine that had trapped everyone in the school this midterm or relieved that it meant he was spared the choice of staying here anyway or going back to the home of the uncle he barely knew.

On the one hand, staying at a school where everyone spoke a foreign language (or rather being at a school where he was the only speaking his foreign language) was rough, and he probably would have gone to Uncle Karl’s house just to hear people speak German again, and he supposed he kind of missed Hilda and Hansel a little, and his siblings at least would be there even if his parents weren’t. Plus staying might have lead to people asking why he wasn’t going home, and even if he had the words to explain he wasn’t sure ‘my parents are in jail’ was really something he wanted to share with anyone here.

On the other hand, he was still a bit angry about getting shipped off to America in the first place, and he was pretty sure hearing German again would wear pretty thin pretty quickly once it set in that he wasn’t home and Uncle Karl wasn’t Mom and Dad, and getting all bad news from the lawyers and probably not even getting to floo his parents nevermind visit them while the trial was still in progress. He doubted, too, that the stress fueled fights that had laid dormant while he was away would stay so once he was in the presence of his uncle and siblings.

Neither option had been very appealing.

But going to Uncle Karl’s was taken off the table. Instead, he got to share the experience of being cut off from his parents and family with everyone in the school instead of facing that by himself. Somehow, it did make it just a little easier knowing nobody else was having a happy reunion with their family either, that the isolation wasn’t unique to him. Which probably made him a bad person, but the shared experience of being stuck here meant he felt a bit more connected to these English speaking strangers than he had expected to after months of barely communicating with anyone.

Even if they did look at him a bit strangely when he wished the people he passed in the hall a good slide on New Year’s Eve.

But now the midterm was over and it was back to classes. After four months of hearing English basically non-stop, he was getting better at listening comprehension. So he mostly followed Professor Skies’ lecture. A few words here and there still lacked any kind of meaning to him, but overall he was getting good at following the gist if not the details of what people said.

Putting together sentences of his own was still a different story altogether, but his understanding of both spoken and written English was improving by leaps and bounds.

Still, midterm connections or not, English was hard and he was grateful that it wasn’t a partners assignment. He set to writing out his transfiguration table (in German) by himself, comparing the cloth bag he’d been given to a pair of nice gardening gloves his mother used when tending to her flower garden. (Which he and his siblings had never been allowed near since most of the flowers in it were poisonous. He briefly considered if maybe the murder charge against his parents wasn’t actually true before loyally dismissing the possibility and reasserting his belief in their innocence.)

He picked up his wand and practiced the movement a few times, but it was almost always the incantation that cause him problems. His German accent just didn’t mesh very well with the mostly Latin words. Granted, he did not actually recall ever seeing either of his parents transfigure a bag into a glove before, but he doubted the incantation would have been ‘chirothecae’ if they had.

The good thing was that English was also a Germanic language, so Latin was fairly foreign to the rest of the class, too. That knowledge made his own difficulty with it marginally more tolerable.

“Kee-ROH-tae-ka,” he said, repeating the sounds as closely as he could recall hearing them. “Kee-ROH-tae-ka,” he said again, and again, until it felt - well, not natural or comfortable, but at least manageable.

Then he put it together with the wand motion and applied his will and memory of the garden glove, and . . . got something of approximately the right color green, with the purple embroidery of the nightshade flower, but the shape was all wrong. The glove was too round and the fingers were much too fat, too short, and all the same size, positioned evenly around the ‘glove’ instead of making four fingers and a thumb.

He sighed heavily and glanced at his neighbor’s progress to see how badly he was doing in comparison. “Wie geht’s?” He questioned before remembering himself, shaking his head in self-irritation at his mistake, and translating to English, “How goes it?” He grimaced at his own work. “Mein ist like ball.” He would have rather said baloon, but he didn’t know the word for that.

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    • We all lose — Heinrich Hexenmeister, Tue May 8 15:36
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