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Parker Fitzgerald
My mind... is useful? I mean. Yes. Useful.
Tue May 22, 2018 14:13

PParker nodded to Gary's comment about math. He'd honestly never thought of math that way, and if he had thought about math at all since he'd come to Sonora, it was that he didn't have to study it anymore. But the way Gary mentioned it made sense. Make things smaller, easier, and then build from there.

It had not been Parker's original idea to not transform the paper bag all in one go. It was merely because he was not very good at Transfiguration. Or at least, that's how Parker saw it. But here was Gary, saying that he was a smart. No, Gary had used the word genius. Parker was a bit bewildered by the whole thing. He wasn’t sure he’d ever had the word associated with him, and a part of him had sparked to life at the words Gary was using.

Parker looked at Gary’s paper bag, which was now brown leather glove looking like the type that the cowboys used, or his father when doing yard work. Parker looked back at his white cloth bag. He felt embarrassed for a moment at what Gary might think.

Turning his head to Gary, Parker asked, “You’re my friend right? Cause this glove might end up looking a bit odd.”

As soon as Parker had said it, he knew how he felt. He felt Gary was his friend. They were both muggles, both boys, and in the same year. Besides that, Gary was often nice to him, and Parker hoped, he’d been nice back to Gary.

Ok Parker thought and tried to imagine Tatya’s gloves from the first day. With a wave of his wand, the cloth bag moved and formed a long elegant looking white glove. It wasn’t decorated at all, but it did look a lot like the glove Tatya had worn.

“Look at that. It worked,” Parker said under his breath. Now for the hard part. What kind of things did she have on her gloves. Snowflakes maybe? They were definitely sparkly. Parker pushed the idea of how hard it would be to make the gloves sparkle out of his mind.

Why would it be impossible to make the gloves sparkle. I play a sport where I fly on broom. And the gloves were a bag moments ago.

  • Gary put his campaign notebook away and flipped open his class notebook as Professor Skies began class. He was a bit stuck in his planning, and didn't mind the break to do actual classwork. Sometimes ... more
    • My mind... is useful? I mean. Yes. Useful. — Parker Fitzgerald, Tue May 22 14:13
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