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Professor Skies
Could be worse
Sat Jun 23, 2018 23:49

Selina kept her eyes on the class, looking out for trouble. Since they had confirmed it was a magical illness causing all these incidents, it didn’t feel like a case whether or not there would be trouble - it felt like a case of who. She was keeping a particularly close eye on Tatiana, Dorian and Sylvia. The first two had been directly mentioned by Grayson in the staff meeting as being probably infected - Tatiana having accidentally changed her test paper and Dorian having made angry notes appear in French, and neither had yet been to Aisha with a fever. Sylvia’s cousin had been through all stages of the illness, and it seemed likely that she might have caught it. Although anyone any of them had sat with at breakfast or worked with in class was also a risk, presumably - this thing seemed to spread easily - but she didn’t know who that covered, and the closeness of the relationship increased the risk for Sylvia (she also found herself throwing more than occasional glances at Jehan and Vlad for much the same reason).

A cry of surprise from Tatiana and Dorian’s bench drew her attention, along with a lick of flame, but before she’d had a chance to do anything about it, the incident was over. As incidents went, that wasn't too bad. She could deal with the loss of a small paper bag. She pulled a spare from the box on her desk, making her way over and setting it down in front of Tatiana.

“Are you having a particular problem with the class, Tatiana?” she asked, assuming that the girl must have been feeling reasonably upset or frustrated for that to happen - even with the illness, the accidental magic seemed to still be linked to strong emotion. Her tone was gentle, and there was no suggestion that Tatiana was being chastised over the incident. “Or is it something you would rather confide in your friend?” she asked, hesitating only a fraction of a second before the final word of the sentence, her eyes flickering over Dorian’s hand on Tatiana’s arm. “Assuming that was you, not you?” she added, her gaze switching from Tatiana to Dorian. It was Tatiana’s bag, and it seemed most likely to be a childish burst of anger, and she couldn’t really see why Dorian would end up setting his friend’s work on fire. “I know you’re both sick,” she added, again underlining the fact that no one was in trouble here.

  • Eh, zenme le?Dorian Montoir, Teppenpaw, Sat Jun 23 23:48
    Dorian took a seat next to Tatya in Transfiguration. The task for the day sounded relatively pleasing for both of them. Tatya, he was sure, would be happy because she liked gloves, and the... more
    • Could be worse — Professor Skies, Sat Jun 23 23:49
      • Normally, hearing Russian was enough to improve Tatiana’s mood by itself – partially for the familiarity, and partially for the thought that her friends cared enough to specifically make the effort... more
        • Please, Merlin, noDorian (and Professor Skies), Fri Jun 29 10:31
          Dorian took a moment to process Tatya’s first remark, and in that time Professor Skies had come over. So by the time he realised Tatya had said I want to go home, the teacher was already there and... more
          • It’s probably inevitable.Tatiana , Sat Jun 30 23:04
            Dorian putting his hand on her arm had never occurred to Tatiana as a remotely strange or noteworthy thing for him to do, and him putting a hand on her shoulder did not register as much more... more
            • Can I be elsewhere where it happens?Dorian, Mon Jul 2 08:12
              “Merci,” he smiled, when Tatya complimented him on being a good friend. Dorian always tended to look slightly surprised by the compliments he received, but also very touched, and it was one of the... more
              • Doubt it.Tatiana, Mon Jul 2 16:45
                “It just says it all not-same,” grumbled Tatiana, glaring and waving toward the word on the board. “Not like always, or like we do – glupyi letters.” Nothing to do, though, but try again, and try to... more
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