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Yeah, I could have Hormones on top of my moods.
Thu Jun 28, 2018 22:17

Normally, hearing Russian was enough to improve Tatiana’s mood by itself – partially for the familiarity, and partially for the thought that her friends cared enough to specifically make the effort to speak it to her. At the moment, though, she just registered that Dorian didn’t really speak Russian at all, and she would never be able to teach him to and she would never learn to speak English or French or Chinese properly either and everything was pointless and awful.

“Ya khochu domoi,” said Tatiana. I want to go home.

Professor Skies promptly swept over and was talking. A lot. “Tak mnogo slov’!” complained Tatiana - so many words. She knew this wasn’t reasonable – there really weren’t that many more words than she thought there would be in Russian this once – but she didn’t care about that, either. “Ya ne bolen – ya serzhus’ – Angliskii alfavit glup.” I’m not sick, I’m angry – the English alphabet is stupid.

Dorian probably understood the majority of what she was saying, but that didn’t make it any less rude to talk to him in Russian at a natural pace, or to speak Russian in front of Professor Skies at all. Or to insult the professor’s alphabet, which bore more than a passing resemblance to Dorian’s…. Tatiana rubbed her eyes. “I am sorry – je suis desolee,” she added to Dorian in French. “L’Anglais dificile est.” She thought those words were mutually comprehensible between English and French, making it a good compromise that still favored her friend.

  • Could be worseProfessor Skies, Sat Jun 23 23:49
    Selina kept her eyes on the class, looking out for trouble. Since they had confirmed it was a magical illness causing all these incidents, it didn’t feel like a case whether or not there would be... more
    • Yeah, I could have Hormones on top of my moods. — Tatiana, Thu Jun 28 22:17
      • Please, Merlin, noDorian (and Professor Skies), Fri Jun 29 10:31
        Dorian took a moment to process Tatya’s first remark, and in that time Professor Skies had come over. So by the time he realised Tatya had said I want to go home, the teacher was already there and... more
        • It’s probably inevitable.Tatiana , Sat Jun 30 23:04
          Dorian putting his hand on her arm had never occurred to Tatiana as a remotely strange or noteworthy thing for him to do, and him putting a hand on her shoulder did not register as much more... more
          • Can I be elsewhere where it happens?Dorian, Mon Jul 2 08:12
            “Merci,” he smiled, when Tatya complimented him on being a good friend. Dorian always tended to look slightly surprised by the compliments he received, but also very touched, and it was one of the... more
            • Doubt it.Tatiana, Mon Jul 2 16:45
              “It just says it all not-same,” grumbled Tatiana, glaring and waving toward the word on the board. “Not like always, or like we do – glupyi letters.” Nothing to do, though, but try again, and try to... more
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