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Can I be elsewhere where it happens?
Mon Jul 2, 2018 08:12

“Merci,” he smiled, when Tatya complimented him on being a good friend. Dorian always tended to look slightly surprised by the compliments he received, but also very touched, and it was one of the times when being utterly useless at concealing his feelings might have been considered a good thing - it was easy for his friends to see how highly valued their kind words were. He didn’t break out in a beaming smile, because Tatya still sounded sad and tired, and her praise was not as effusive as it had been when he’d come to her rescue in the library and vowed to fight Professor Wrights’s assertions about her. But the receipt of the compliment, the thanks for it, were more than mere mechanical politeness.

He wasn’t entirely sure of the way Tatya mangled her next sentence - sometimes things went by so fast that it was hard to pick up what the mistake had been. It had sounded like she’d said ‘glass’ only she obviously hadn’t meant to, and it was hard to tell sometimes whether she’d made a completely incorrect word choice or just botched the pronunciation. Still, when she could get three quarters of the words right, and there was context, he could get the meaning, and he nodded.

“Bientôt,” he agreed, with an equally weary smile.

Her smile seemed to get more and more back to usual, as she squared up to the task of beating back the stupid English language - although, now he thought about it, it wasn’t really English. Probably then, she was upset by the English letters. That was one frustration he was glad not to have too often - the pronunciation very occasionally tripped him up, but at least they were familiar forms to him - although he well understood the frustrations of dealing with other writing systems. He would never allow any of his friends to say it, but Chinese was seriously a pain on that front. It was beautiful, and he loved it, but it frustrated him no end that he would probably never finish learning to read and write it (or at least, it certainly felt that way now).

“So, we shall try without making fire?” he suggested. “There is any particular point you want help or just… taked some time to make sense?” he checked. Once he was sure Tatya did not need any further advice, he turned his attention to his paper bag, trying to focus on the gloves he planned to make. He found it hard sometimes - his brain was still preoccupied with the fact that Tatya had called him a good friend, but that she was still a bit sad and weary, and that he understood her sadness and her frustration… All of these things were much more important than gloves, and it was hard to stop turning them over in his mind. Even though he felt he had done all he could about them for now, he would sooner have dwelt on his friends and his feelings, they still wanted to occupy his thoughts… Of course, the gloves he was thinking of were connected to Tatya, and to his mother, so maybe he didn’t need to shut them out of his thoughts entirely… He pictured his mother picking out the gloves for Tatya at the store, and that sated his mind’s desire to dwell on thoughts of home and his feelings about them all… “Chirothecae” he cast, taking his time over the word so he could fit in all the flicks with his wand. The bag rippled and shifted, the material changing the most, becoming the delicately patterned red silk of the gloves he’d got Tatya for Christmas. The shape was a good deal off though - there were four fingers and a thumb, but the gloves were baggy and poorly structured. They would have hung loose even as winter gloves on him, and definitely were not the refined tailoring that a young lady would expect.

“I think not quite up to your standard,” he smiled, turning to see how Tatya was getting on.

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    • Can I be elsewhere where it happens? — Dorian, Mon Jul 2 08:12
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