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Doubt it.
Mon Jul 2, 2018 16:45

“It just says it all not-same,” grumbled Tatiana, glaring and waving toward the word on the board. “Not like always, or like we do – glupyi letters.”

Nothing to do, though, but try again, and try to get it right, and hope for the best. As usual. This was not a strategy Tatiana particularly liked – it was not efficient and did not involve concrete steps she could take to get what she wanted, at least more often than not. Sometimes, if she was lucky, it did – but even then they were usually tiny, tedious steps. It was all so depressing, sometimes she could either cry or hit something. Or, in this case, set something on fire.

Mama would not be pleased with her, she thought. Mama always lectured her about keeping her temper, whether it was happy or angry or sad – about how she was too expressive, too emotional, too changeable, how she needed to learn to be more serene. Serenity did not come easily to her, though – in fact, most of the time, as she had just demonstrated, it did not come to her at all. Her feelings just swept up on her and she reacted to them before she could think. She could not help it, or if she could, she didn’t know how, any more than she could help it that her moods had always changed quickly.

Her bag began to bend into a roughly hand-shaped…shape, but still looked rather dull and brown. She frowned critically at them as Dorian spoke and she looked at his gloves instead. They were familiar-looking but not quite right.

“Maybe the little not so,” agreed Tatiana. “But only nemnogo nepravil’nyi.” Only slightly wrong.

  • Can I be elsewhere where it happens?Dorian, Mon Jul 2 08:12
    “Merci,” he smiled, when Tatya complimented him on being a good friend. Dorian always tended to look slightly surprised by the compliments he received, but also very touched, and it was one of the... more
    • Doubt it. — Tatiana, Mon Jul 2 16:45
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