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Peyton O'Malley, Crotalus
Mon Jul 2, 2018 17:36

The Quarantine had kind of disappointed Peyton. She missed her parents and siblings-especially Ryan-as well as her niece, nephews and cousins. Plus, she'd missed Marcus and Melanie's wedding. The Crotalus had been quite glad on two points though. First off, that Sophie had been allowed to go home to Ryan and their kids. It had bothered Peyton tremendously that her brother might have to spend the holidays without his wife. The other, more selfish feeling, was that well, Eden was also here under quarantine and therefore she couldn' there to replace Peyton for Sally, Jake and Arnold. She still had to worry about that brother taking Ryan's place though.

And at least she had Ivy and Vlad, who had included her in the larger celebration with their cousins who were also Ryan's cousin but not hers. She also had Jasmine. It had been nice having her best friend outside her own family around and she'd even been invited to an ice skating party. Though, it had been Vlad who invited her, not his roommate that had been hosting it. So she'd felt a bit uneasy there and had come with brownies that she'd baked as an expression of gratitude for being allowed to be part of the group. After all, Peyton wasn't entirely sure Dorian wanted her or Ivy or Jasmine there since he didn't invite them, so brownies were a nice...gesture. She hoped they'd been appreciated.

And of course, her ice skating was not quite on par with Ivy, Dorian and Tatiana but she seemed to have done better than Ruby had.

The Crotalus had felt slighty bad too. The entire class was included except for two people and while it wasn't her fault, she still felt for them. If it had been everyone but her, she would have been upset.

Added to that was that it was the two Muggleborn boys not included. That didn't...really make them, Dorian in particular, look good. She had considered asking him if she could send them notes inviting them, even though she didn't know them that well either but felt she hadn't had the right to do so. It was okay for Vlad to invite her and Ivy and Tatiana to invite Jasmine because Dorian invited Vlad and Tatiana and said it was okay for them to invite others. In fact, Peyton had wanted to invite Jasmine too, because she didn't want her friend excluded and that had put her in an even more awkward position than asking if she could invite Gary and Parker, because Jasmine was her friend and she didn't really know the two boys that well. So she was glad that Tatiana had while apologizing to the other Crotalus for not doing so.

And she was sure that Dorian hadn't been deliberately excluding two boys he wasn't close to based on their blood status as it was that he hadn't actually invited her, Ivy or Jasmine either. Peyton firmly believed it hadn't been an anti-Muggleborn thing, but a case of him inviting his friends and allowing them to bring their other friends. She just hoped that Gary and Parker didn't take it as Dorian being prejudiced, when she doubted it was personal against them.

If only she had felt comfortable inviting Connor. Then he could have invited Gary at least. Or Gary's roommate could have. If Vlad and Tatiana could have invited others, Peyton assumed Jehan could have too.

How Parker could have been able to join in, she was unsure of. Maybe through Tatiana since they were both Pecaris? Or through Gary since Parker was part of their Dungeons and Dragons club. Peyton wasn't sure what that was but they were connected through it. But then Gary wouldn't have had any more right than she would have to invite someone.

She supposed she could have appealed to Ruby's Teppish-ness to get her to invite their last two classmates, as Ruby had been invited by Dorian and had the same rights as Vlad and Tatiana to invite others but the other girl had seemed preoccupied with trying to skate.

Anyway, it was over now and it was what it was. If they felt bad, it wasn't her fault but she was still sorry about it. Maybe she should hold a get-together with her whole year to make up for it. Well, her year and Ivy and maybe Connor.

Right now though, it was time for Transfiguration and time to forget about party plans-plans she wasn't sure she could even pull off, parties that very well might end up her, Ivy, Vlad, and Jasmine. Oh and possibly Connor. Still, the only thing she felt confident about was providing refreshments.

She turned her attention to Professor Skies. Okay, so they were making gloves and as usual pretty, detailed ones got better points. This sort of bothered Peyton. The other girls in the Beginner class were the very frilly fancy sparkly sort and she really wasn't. Therefore, they were bound to make fancier prettier gloves than she was.The sort that were more Victorian lady type than useful for use in cold weather. Her gloves were sure to be less pretty because she was, well, not sparkly, not frilly. She didn't wear a lot of expensive jewelry the way they did. Not that her family couldn't afford it, but Peyton was generally more down to earth in that way. More understated. Though she often felt like she should start just to fit in, even if it really wasn't her to be dressed up outside of formal occasions, because being different sucked.

Then again, Ivy wasn't a fancy girl, and that tended to make Peyton feel better. Still, Ivy wasn't in her year and right now, they didn't even share classes. She was surrounded by Jasmine, Ruby, and Tatiana as well as Sylvia and Caitlin who were definitely really proper though less over the top with their jewlery than Tatiana was. Peyton herself only wore a necklace that Grandmother O'Malley had given her when they'd visited her father's family in Boston,which was a family heirloom and a charm bracelet that Ryan had given her. Both of these items were on the costly side, the bracelet being real silver but what was more important was their sentimental value. Something that belonged to her ancestors that her grandmother thought she was worthy of having and a gift from her favorite brother. Peyton basically kept all gifts Ryan had given her through out the years with her here at Sonora from the now rather beaten up stuffed koala he'd gotten her as a baby-and that she'd named after him-to this bracelet he'd sent her for the holidays this year.

Now she had to envision something...fancy. Jewels, which the Crotalus was surrounded by all day long, were fancy but that didn't seem very....glove-like. A glove full of gems would be awfully heavy and just generally uncomfortable. Actually wearing gloves at a crowded party would get awfully sweaty.

She imagined, instead, a delicate flower pattern on white gloves. "Chirothecae" . What she ended up with elaborately patterned mitten with a giant sized thumb. Great.

A stream of German reached her ears and Peyton turned to Heinrich. "Um..." She glanced at his product. "A bit like yours." She held her glove up and puzzled at what he said after. Something about the ball? Was he asking her or just asking something about it? "Pardon? I'm sorry, I don't speak German." Peyton explained. She didn't want to be presumptuous.

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