Malikhi Hill, Pecari
Can we keep the buttons?
Fri Aug 10, 2018 23:14

Malikhi wasn't particularly very happy upon arriving into the Transfiguration classroom. He had spent his breakfast at the Pecari table alone and in silence given that Evelyn seemed to be missing and he hadn't made any other friends yet. He didn't know where she was as he hadn't seen her in the Common Room that morning nor had he seen her in the hallways on his way down to Cascade Hall. He'd eaten his breakfast quickly, figuring that there was no point in dilly dallying about if she wasn't there and then had returned to the Pecari Common Room for his things.

When he entered the classroom for the first time, his mood lifted immediately upon catching sight of Evelyn's white hair. He quickly marched over to the desk at which she was sitting when he realised that she wasn't alone. She was sitting with another girl - at least, he was pretty sure she was a girl as her short boyish haircut confused him - and Malikhi swallowed thickly. An uncomfortable feeling swelled within his stomach, a feeling he wasn't familiar with. Nevertheless, he sat down in the spare seat on Evelyn's other side and let himself be introduced. As it turned out, this was the 'Ness' person that he'd been hearing about.

"Hello," he coughed, awkwardly. "I, um, saw you at orientation."

That was all he could think of to say. For some reason, making friends with Ness didn't feel as easy as making friends with Evelyn had been and, for a moment, he wondered if he could only make friends with girls who cried upon first meeting him.

He listened to Professor Skies's lecture and explanation, trying to understand the basic concept. It sounded like they had to find similarities between the pebble they had selected and the button they wanted the pebble to turn into. Malikhi's face screwed up in thought. How could he compare differences if he didn't have a button to look at as well? How could you compare something if you didn't know what it looked like?

He looked at his own pebble, which was smooth and a light blue but more triangular than circular. He didn't know any buttons that were triangular. Could you have a triangular button? He'd never seen one himself. He frowned at his pebble as if it had somehow offended him. Why did it have to be triangular?

Evelyn was asking something about colours next to him and he hadn't even thought about that. His pebble was a light blue, which was a good thing because he'd seen blue buttons. He had a shirt that had blue buttons. Okay, that was a start. In his somewhat messy handwriting, he scrawled the word 'blue' onto his table before deciding to ask Evelyn about triangular buttons.

"Hey, Linney... Do triangular buttons exist?"

  • A Button in a Pebble Stack [tag Ness and Malikhi]Evelyn Stones, Fri Aug 10 22:30
    After a quick 'Malikhi, this is Ness. Ness, Malikhi,' Evelyn had taken a seat between them. Having missed breakfast due to her conversation in the library with Ness, Evelyn hadn't actually gotten to... more
    • Can we keep the buttons? — Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Fri Aug 10 23:14
      • No, they will revert back to pebblesNess McLeod, Aladren, Sat Aug 11 05:50
        It had been a pretty intense morning. Waking up in a new place was always an interesting experience - that little moment adjusting and remembering where you were. In this case, it was a place Ness... more
        • And so it begins....Evelyn Stones, Sat Aug 11 15:41
          Evelyn sighed as quietly as she could. She couldn't help sighing, but she could help whether it caused an issue or not. She wasn't even sure what emotion to feel first, although frustration and... more
          • I am not enjoying myselfMalikhi Hill, Pecari, Sat Aug 11 16:04
            Malikhi kept his eyes firmly fixed on his paper, his hair falling round his face as he scowled. If he'd have stared hard enough at his paper, there was possibly a chance that it would catch fire. He... more
            • Really? What's not to like?Ness, Sat Aug 11 22:50
              “Oh. Ok,” Ness nodded, with a slight curious hesitation as Evelyn revealed that the nickname was something only Malikhi used. The hesitation was because, like with most things, a bunch of follow up... more
              • I've done it all wrong!Evelyn Stones, Sun Aug 12 01:38
                Upon hearing Ness' thoughts on their task, Evelyn was convinced she'd done it all wrong. She really did care about her relationship with these two, though, so there was no room for lying about it. "I ... more
                • Everybody thinks differently. Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sun Aug 12 15:33
                  Malikhi couldn't help but smile as Evelyn rattled through her thoughts and explanations. Somehow, it was just so Evelyn . She was somehow seeing beyond just the button and delved deeper, into the... more
                  • And some are buttholesNess, Mon Aug 13 07:10
                    “Different strokes for different folks,” Ness agreed with a cheery smile at Malikhi, “Unless the person’s “perspective” involves denying other people their basic human rights. Then it’s not really a... more
                    • GroooossEvelyn Stones, Tue Aug 14 22:39
                      Evelyn breathed a sigh of relief and managed to stay relaxed as Ness spoke. Seeing Ness and Malikhi get along fairly well and each be friendly to the other made Evelyn's heart swell, and Ness'... more
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