Ness McLeod, Aladren
No, they will revert back to pebbles
Sat Aug 11, 2018 05:50

It had been a pretty intense morning. Waking up in a new place was always an interesting experience - that little moment adjusting and remembering where you were. In this case, it was a place Ness had longed to be for years and years, though the excitement was somewhat tempered by finding herself alongside a blood snob and a dead raccoon. The morning chat with Evelyn had been kind of intense, both in a good way, where they had reaffirmed the solidity of their friendship, but also in a kind of scary way because something really not good seemed to be going on in Evelyn’s personal life. And then there had been cake. It had been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster already.

Now it was time for their first actual ever class, and Ness was keen to make a good impression on all the professors, not to mention actually wield a wand for the first time and do real, actual magic. Well, first it was time to be introduced to the Pecari Slime Boy. Malikhi. Calling him Malikhi was probably better and a friendlier move. Ness had reservations, mostly based on the slime, but was willing to admit that there were enough unknown factors there that it would be unwise to judge. Judging before knowing was generally bad, and Evelyn liked this person.

“Hi,” Ness replied, with an attempt at a friendly smile, although a small amount of nervousness showed through. Malikhi didn’t seem full of enthusiasm about them all sitting together but it was hard to place whether that was some kind of active dislike of Ness or just… general first day nerves. Better to be generous, chalk it up to the latter, and just keep trying to be friendly. “Yeah… You too,” came the reply to his comment about orientation. There wasn’t really much more one could say to that… Luckily, the lecture began shortly after, saving them both from further awkward small talk.

The class was everything Ness had hoped for. Professor Skies was interesting, and Ness eagerly took notes of what the teacher was saying. It made a lot of sense too, although much of it was already familiar from what she had read in the textbooks. Although Professor Skies prompted the second years to contribute to the question answering, she did not state that it was exclusively aimed at them, and - wanting to make a good first impression - Ness’ hand was up, adding that both needles and matchsticks were human-made household items, feeling that that was a pretty good contribution as it was one of the less obvious features.

As soon as they got their tables, the Aladren first year began scribbling furiously, more or less expecting them all to work in silence until they had at least made notable progress with the task. Ness had already jotted down that the colour of both buttons and pebbles was highly variable, but that a button could have the colour of the pebble she had been given without looking out of place, and was just about to move onto ‘shape’ when Evelyn asked about the assignment.

“Right,” Ness confirmed, continuing to jot things down, a little confused, because Evelyn was basically repeating exactly what Professor Skies had just said to them, and they could all just be writing instead of talking because it was all pretty obvious. Ness noted down that the majority of buttons were round and that thus, as a first year, it would be best, on this occasion, to keep the main shape of the pebble (though it would need some minor alteration due to not being a perfect circle, and because the button would be thinner and flatter than the pebble - Ness briefly wondered whether that was tautological before deciding that no, it wasn’t because thinness referred to the overall depth of the object whilst flatness was whether or not it curved). Evelyn then prompted them both for more detailed opinions, and Ness looked up. “I mean, probably none of us can make a button like hers right now. We should be focussing on designs that have things in common with our pebbles already. That’s what she said to do,” Ness re-explained. The tone of voice was not impatient, because Ness didn’t really mind re-explaining things to people, most of the time, but it failed to conceal the fact that the Aladren thought this information was kind of obvious. “And yes, they do,” Ness added, regarding Malikhi’s question of whether triangular buttons existed, for all that the question had actually been addressed to someone else - Ness knew the answer, and therefore gave it.

“You prefer being called Linney?” Ness added, having noticed the nickname.

  • Can we keep the buttons?Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Fri Aug 10 23:14
    Malikhi wasn't particularly very happy upon arriving into the Transfiguration classroom. He had spent his breakfast at the Pecari table alone and in silence given that Evelyn seemed to be missing and ... more
    • No, they will revert back to pebbles — Ness McLeod, Aladren, Sat Aug 11 05:50
      • And so it begins....Evelyn Stones, Sat Aug 11 15:41
        Evelyn sighed as quietly as she could. She couldn't help sighing, but she could help whether it caused an issue or not. She wasn't even sure what emotion to feel first, although frustration and... more
        • I am not enjoying myselfMalikhi Hill, Pecari, Sat Aug 11 16:04
          Malikhi kept his eyes firmly fixed on his paper, his hair falling round his face as he scowled. If he'd have stared hard enough at his paper, there was possibly a chance that it would catch fire. He... more
          • Really? What's not to like?Ness, Sat Aug 11 22:50
            “Oh. Ok,” Ness nodded, with a slight curious hesitation as Evelyn revealed that the nickname was something only Malikhi used. The hesitation was because, like with most things, a bunch of follow up... more
            • I've done it all wrong!Evelyn Stones, Sun Aug 12 01:38
              Upon hearing Ness' thoughts on their task, Evelyn was convinced she'd done it all wrong. She really did care about her relationship with these two, though, so there was no room for lying about it. "I ... more
              • Everybody thinks differently. Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sun Aug 12 15:33
                Malikhi couldn't help but smile as Evelyn rattled through her thoughts and explanations. Somehow, it was just so Evelyn . She was somehow seeing beyond just the button and delved deeper, into the... more
                • And some are buttholesNess, Mon Aug 13 07:10
                  “Different strokes for different folks,” Ness agreed with a cheery smile at Malikhi, “Unless the person’s “perspective” involves denying other people their basic human rights. Then it’s not really a... more
                  • GroooossEvelyn Stones, Tue Aug 14 22:39
                    Evelyn breathed a sigh of relief and managed to stay relaxed as Ness spoke. Seeing Ness and Malikhi get along fairly well and each be friendly to the other made Evelyn's heart swell, and Ness'... more
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