Evelyn Stones
I've done it all wrong!
Sun Aug 12, 2018 01:38

Upon hearing Ness' thoughts on their task, Evelyn was convinced she'd done it all wrong. She really did care about her relationship with these two, though, so there was no room for lying about it.

"I think I...maybe approached it a little differently," Evelyn said, blushing. She held her parchment to her chest, hiding her transfiguration tables and then peeking at them to discuss her own answers. "My mom always kept little lost things or found things as 'good luck charms'. Obviously they weren't real charms," for lots of reasons, "but we always liked them anyway."

Evelyn didn't look up to see either Malikhi or Ness' expression, afraid as she was that they might feature ridicule.

"To change a pebble into a button, I'd need to change it from something found in a riverbed to something that fell off a shirt or a bag or something, since buttons come from other things. But really, you can find both in riverbeds, so I'll try to focus on that. It's almost as easy to find a stone among many others as it is to find a button that's been lost there for who knows how long."

She thought of some of the physical features Ness had described and considered these herself.

"My button will be about the same size as my pebble, sort of large for a button but maybe it got lost from a raincoat or something. And it will be a bit scuffed up, of course. My pebble is black so I'll probably make a black button, otherwise somebody else would've already found it on the riverbed."

Now she did look up, although she focused on the wood grain of her desk. "Buttons and pebbles are both small things, used for crafts, good luck charms, lucky tokens, all that, so they're the same sort of thing. They both point to the existence of something bigger. River stones show us that a river exists with a stony bed, buttons show us a coat or shirt exists where it came from. They're both very important little things, and I want to focus on that for my transfiguration."

Evelyn swallowed thickly. "Is that totally wrong?"

  • Really? What's not to like?Ness, Sat Aug 11 22:50
    “Oh. Ok,” Ness nodded, with a slight curious hesitation as Evelyn revealed that the nickname was something only Malikhi used. The hesitation was because, like with most things, a bunch of follow up... more
    • I've done it all wrong! — Evelyn Stones, Sun Aug 12 01:38
      • Everybody thinks differently. Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sun Aug 12 15:33
        Malikhi couldn't help but smile as Evelyn rattled through her thoughts and explanations. Somehow, it was just so Evelyn . She was somehow seeing beyond just the button and delved deeper, into the... more
        • And some are buttholesNess, Mon Aug 13 07:10
          “Different strokes for different folks,” Ness agreed with a cheery smile at Malikhi, “Unless the person’s “perspective” involves denying other people their basic human rights. Then it’s not really a... more
          • GroooossEvelyn Stones, Tue Aug 14 22:39
            Evelyn breathed a sigh of relief and managed to stay relaxed as Ness spoke. Seeing Ness and Malikhi get along fairly well and each be friendly to the other made Evelyn's heart swell, and Ness'... more
            • Uh, Professor? It's a bit wet over here (tag Prof. Skies)Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Tue Aug 14 22:52
              Malikhi had been eagerly awaiting his turn to try the spell, so much so that he'd hardly paid attention to Evelyn's casting until it was too late. He just caught a glimpse of her pebble changing... more
              • Right... It's wet, not hilariousNess McLeod, DH Skies, Sat Aug 18 06:32
                Ness did not think the lesson was going quite so well any more. It had been a lot better when they were all just writing things down because that part was easy. The theory made complete sense... more
                • It's awful!Evelyn Stones, Sat Aug 18 14:49
                  In that moment, Evelyn might have died. She wished she could, although she wasn't sure that sounded much better. Maybe she just wished to vanish into a poof of smoke that everyone thought was totally ... more
                  • I was just... forget it. Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sat Aug 18 15:24
                    Malikhi was torn between being embarrassed because of being told off by Professor Skies, angry at Ness because he hadn't been speaking to her nor asked for her stupid stuck-up opinions and Evelyn... more
                    • Good ideaNess, Tue Aug 21 06:44
                      Poor Evelyn. Ness would have hated to have messed up a spell and have everyone looking, or have needed the teacher to come over to deal with the situation. But it was Malakhi that Ness really blamed... more
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