Malikhi Hill, Pecari
Uh, Professor? It's a bit wet over here (tag Prof. Skies)
Tue Aug 14, 2018 22:52

Malikhi had been eagerly awaiting his turn to try the spell, so much so that he'd hardly paid attention to Evelyn's casting until it was too late. He just caught a glimpse of her pebble changing before water began to spurt from the end of her wand, not only dousing herself but her desk mates as well the desk and their notes.

His chair scraped back with a loud noise as he leapt up to try and move out of the way of the water but it was too late. His robes were just as soaked as Evelyn's now were and he was dripping steadily onto the floor. For a moment, he was too shocked to speak. Evelyn had told him that she wasn't very good at magic, that she was weak but if that was anything to go by, she must have had something inside her. In the next moment, laughter started to leap from his mouth and it filled the room.

"Oh, Evelyn!" he managed to get out through laughs. "I don't think you've quite understood the lesson. We're only supposed to transfigure our pebbles, not the whole room!"

He clapped a hand over his mouth in a vain attempt to try and stifle his laughter but it was no use. Normally, he was the disruptive one in class, causing problems and he'd expected his spell to go wrong and cause something to happen. As it turned out, Evelyn had beaten him to it. When he'd calmed down enough, he turned to look at Professor Skies.

"Um, Professor? I think we're going to need a drying spell..."

  • GroooossEvelyn Stones, Tue Aug 14 22:39
    Evelyn breathed a sigh of relief and managed to stay relaxed as Ness spoke. Seeing Ness and Malikhi get along fairly well and each be friendly to the other made Evelyn's heart swell, and Ness'... more
    • Uh, Professor? It's a bit wet over here (tag Prof. Skies) — Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Tue Aug 14 22:52
      • Right... It's wet, not hilariousNess McLeod, DH Skies, Sat Aug 18 06:32
        Ness did not think the lesson was going quite so well any more. It had been a lot better when they were all just writing things down because that part was easy. The theory made complete sense... more
        • It's awful!Evelyn Stones, Sat Aug 18 14:49
          In that moment, Evelyn might have died. She wished she could, although she wasn't sure that sounded much better. Maybe she just wished to vanish into a poof of smoke that everyone thought was totally ... more
          • I was just... forget it. Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sat Aug 18 15:24
            Malikhi was torn between being embarrassed because of being told off by Professor Skies, angry at Ness because he hadn't been speaking to her nor asked for her stupid stuck-up opinions and Evelyn... more
            • Good ideaNess, Tue Aug 21 06:44
              Poor Evelyn. Ness would have hated to have messed up a spell and have everyone looking, or have needed the teacher to come over to deal with the situation. But it was Malakhi that Ness really blamed... more
              • Facepalm. On the desk. Facedesk?Evelyn Stones, Tue Aug 21 23:16
                Evelyn wondered whether it would be exactly as nice as she thought it sounded to just put her head on the desk and disappear. Perhaps her next bout of accidental magic would be to disapparate,... more
                • I best give you a cushion if you're going to facedesk.Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Wed Aug 22 19:00
                  Malikhi was still quietly bristling to himself about Ness. He had his doubts that the pair would build a friendship like he had with Evelyn and he wasn't entirely sure that he wanted to. She didn't... more
                  • Feeling left outNess, Sun Aug 26 07:52
                    What Evelyn was saying did not make sense. If someone needed help, why would they not want it? Ok, like, if it was a class assignment and they wanted the satisfaction of working it out themselves,... more
                    • Never you!Evelyn Stones, Sun Aug 26 15:59
                      Evelyn turned when Ness spoke, and her face was full of a smile. She hadn't expected Ness to be interested in anything that involved Malikhi and was hesitant to push her friend to spend more time... more
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