Good idea
Tue Aug 21, 2018 06:44

Poor Evelyn. Ness would have hated to have messed up a spell and have everyone looking, or have needed the teacher to come over to deal with the situation. But it was Malakhi that Ness really blamed for the fact that Evelyn was shrinking back into her shell. He seemed to try to reach out to her, but then promptly gave up and sat back. Nice. He had laughed at Evelyn, made her sad, and now wasn’t even prepared to deal with that properly. Whilst Evelyn’s head was bent, Ness tried to throw a ‘look what you did’ glare at Malikhi (although he mostly seemed to be looking the other way) before turning back to Evelyn.

“Hey,” Ness reassured her quietly, equally wanting to keep the conversation just between the two of them, and not involve Malakhi. “It’s ok, really. Look, last year, there was this whole thing where everyone’s magic went kind of out of control. Kir told me about it. So half the people in this class know exactly what it feels like to have that happen. No one’s judging you for it. Or anyone who is can shove it.

“You also can’t just never try magic again. It’s really not a practical solution,” the Aladren added because whilst Ness could be sweet and comforting, logicking a way around a problem made more sense. Not participating in class was just not a valid choice.

  • I was just... forget it. Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sat Aug 18 15:24
    Malikhi was torn between being embarrassed because of being told off by Professor Skies, angry at Ness because he hadn't been speaking to her nor asked for her stupid stuck-up opinions and Evelyn... more
    • Good idea — Ness, Tue Aug 21 06:44
      • Facepalm. On the desk. Facedesk?Evelyn Stones, Tue Aug 21 23:16
        Evelyn wondered whether it would be exactly as nice as she thought it sounded to just put her head on the desk and disappear. Perhaps her next bout of accidental magic would be to disapparate,... more
        • I best give you a cushion if you're going to facedesk.Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Wed Aug 22 19:00
          Malikhi was still quietly bristling to himself about Ness. He had his doubts that the pair would build a friendship like he had with Evelyn and he wasn't entirely sure that he wanted to. She didn't... more
          • Feeling left outNess, Sun Aug 26 07:52
            What Evelyn was saying did not make sense. If someone needed help, why would they not want it? Ok, like, if it was a class assignment and they wanted the satisfaction of working it out themselves,... more
            • Never you!Evelyn Stones, Sun Aug 26 15:59
              Evelyn turned when Ness spoke, and her face was full of a smile. She hadn't expected Ness to be interested in anything that involved Malikhi and was hesitant to push her friend to spend more time... more
              • Do I have to?Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sun Aug 26 19:21
                Malikhi's mood seemed to be able to do nothing but go up and down today and at hearing Evelyn invite Ness to join them for lunch made it plummet back down and sour again. They'd spent time together... more
                • Yes, play nicelyNess, Tue Aug 28 19:52
                  Phew. They weren't trying to exclude Ness. The first year remembered times in elementary school when people had loudly and pointedly made plans without asking Ness to be a part of it. 'Yay, so it... more
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