Yes, play nicely
Tue Aug 28, 2018 19:52

Phew. They weren't trying to exclude Ness. The first year remembered times in elementary school when people had loudly and pointedly made plans without asking Ness to be a part of it. 'Yay, so it will be me and you and Stephanie. That's everyone right?' 'Well, I can't think of anyone else.' That hadn't sounded like the kind of tone Evelyn was using and Ness trusted her. Malakhi... Malakhi just seemed kinda constantly off, and currently Ness would trust him about as far as it was possible to throw him. But it was all ok, and Evelyn seemed happy for Ness to join, even if Malakhi seemed luke warm about the whole thing. It would have been inaccurate to say that Ness had no idea what his problem was. Ness had just been being Ness. But the first year knew that, very often, that did seem to be a problem for others. What it was harder to figure out was why.

"The weather is Irish, which means it could be doing anything minute to minute. But if it's sunny, I'd love to go out. I love picnics. They always make me think of Pride because that's always one of the family friendly events. Everyone tries to dye or charm as much of their food rainbow as possible. At least, the sweet stuff. Savoury things somehow shouldn't be rainbow coloured."

  • Do I have to?Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sun Aug 26 19:21
    Malikhi's mood seemed to be able to do nothing but go up and down today and at hearing Evelyn invite Ness to join them for lunch made it plummet back down and sour again. They'd spent time together... more
    • Yes, play nicely — Ness, Tue Aug 28 19:52
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