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Jasmine Delachene, Crotalus
My favorite orchestra player (tag Peyton)
Wed Sep 5, 2018 11:59

Jasmine looked with interest to see who stood as a member of the orchestra. She had taken some piano lessons as a child, herself, but she did not count herself skilled enough to join a performance group. She was more inclined toward choir as a musical club, though honestly she preferred just belting out Disney tunes in the MARS music room (which, by the way, was totally awesome because MARS then changed scenes so she could actually take magic carpet rides or way-find on the ocean or paint the colors of the wind or do whatever the princess in question was doing as she sang in her movie).

She didn’t have to look past her roommate, though, to know whose group she would be joining. She may have never so much as touched a clarinet before (at least outside of its case - she was pretty sure she’d handed the case off to Peyton once or twice if she was standing closer to it when her roommate was getting ready to go to orchestra), but that was kind of the point of the lesson, wasn’t it? To see if you could transfigure something you didn’t know much about?

Besides, not working with Peyton was not something she could or would consider. They were best friends as well as roommates and she needed to be supportive, especially since she wasn’t sure if Peyton was going to be terribly happy about being volunteered for this.

She’d obviously seen Peyton practicing it before, so she had some baseline to start off with, so after Peyton shared the incantation, Jasmine tried to remember what the assembled instrument looked like and cast the spell on her wooden block (which was at least the right material already, clarinets being woodwinds and all).

The first attempt even Jasmine knew was wrong. She’d forgotten to change the hole coverings from wood to metal and seeing the transfigured product made her realize that mistake. So she cast again and fixed that. At that point, it looked okay to her. It was a long black hollow wooden tube with holes covered by shiny metal bits. The mouthpiece was all wrong, resembling a simple kazoo (Jasmine’s primary experience with instruments you blow into) than the reeded complexity of a real clarinet, and the holes and valves were not really in the right places, nor were there the right number of them. (Jasmine had figured 10 was a good number since that’s how many fingers people had.) Also the shiny metal pieces merely capped each hole and had flourishing bits that looked pretty and complicated without actually moving or being conducive to actually playing the clarinet. She could tell there was still something not quite right about that, but she wasn’t sure what was wrong or how to fix it.

She showed her clarinet to Peyton. “What do I need to fix?”

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    • My favorite orchestra player (tag Peyton) — Jasmine Delachene, Crotalus, Wed Sep 5 11:59
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