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Peyton O'Malley, Crotalus
Mon Sep 10, 2018 11:23

This year had brought some changes for Peyton. For one thing, Sophie was no longer a teacher here, and that made the Crotalus sad. Professor Brooding seemed nice and all, but she wasn't Peyton's sister-in-law. Furthermore she was now going into intermediate classes and would have classes with the fifth years which was slightly intimidating. On the other hand, now Ivy was in her classes again and that was nice.

However, right now Peyton felt sort of nervous. Today she had to lead a group and that wasn't something that she was used to doing. She wasn't exactly thrilled about being volunteered for the exercise really. The third year played an instrument and was in orchestra mostly because Ivy was and while she enjoyed playing the clarinet, her true passion was cooking.

Of course, she supposed that this wouldn't be as hard as one would think since she wasn't going to be doing more than providing feedback to people. Still, that wasn't easy either since she didn't want to end up hurting someone's feelings. And having to give feedback to the fifth years made her a little queasy. Maybe they'd all go to Ivy or Connor instead so they didn't have to take directions from a little third year.

And because of this, Peyton found herself only half listening to the lecture. She never quite understood when teachers brought up science, which she understood was something Muggles needed because they didn't have magical powers. Not that she didn't grasp the concepts at all, but just that they talked about it at all seemed odd. Still, what she caught of Professor Skies' lecture was really interesting.

They split up into groups and Peyton gave those gathered around her the incantation. She waited as the others tried to create their own clarinets. Before long, Jasmine approached. "Well, let's take a look." She glanced over the instrument. "This is a nice attempt but the mouthpiece is completely wrong. It needs to look more like this. " Peyton showed her friend her own clarinet, pointing at the mouthpiece. "Also, it doesn't have the right number of holes and the holes and valves are in the wrong places. Plus, there seem to be a number of odd bits that look really nice but don't do anything and aren't....what's really on a clarinet. Do you want to take mine as a guideline?" Peyton asked.

  • My favorite orchestra player (tag Peyton)Jasmine Delachene, Crotalus, Wed Sep 5 11:59
    Jasmine looked with interest to see who stood as a member of the orchestra. She had taken some piano lessons as a child, herself, but she did not count herself skilled enough to join a performance... more
    • Awwww — Peyton O'Malley, Crotalus, Mon Sep 10 11:23
      • OOCProfessor Skies, Thu Sep 13 08:14
        Hi Peyton, Please note that the orchestra members do not have their instruments with them in class. They were not asked to bring them, or to create their own attempts in the task. The purpose of the... more
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