Nathaniel Mordue, Teppenpaw
That seems like a good idea.
Mon Sep 17, 2018 20:17

The classrooms at Sonora had not changed much over the summer, though some of the faces in the rooms had changed. Nathaniel had hoped that being a second year, one of the big men in his class, would make the knot between his shoulders ease up a little, but it accompanied him back to Professor Skies’ class as reliably as his own shadow: the knowledge that he did not just have to be good, he had to be perfect.

Realistically, he knew this was not possible. For one thing, no-one was perfect. For another thing, he had last year’s results to go by, and he had not been absolutely perfect. His mother had seemed pleased with him, of course, but – well, what did she have to compare him against? Jeremy? His father? By comparison to those two, Nathaniel thought he probably did look rather swell, though he still had some hopes of Jeremy improving with age – though if Jeremy was going to do that, he would have to do it quickly. He was older now than Nathaniel had been when their father had made such a public display of what a weak, pathetic excuse for a man he was. He really needed to grow up. It wasn’t good that Nathaniel thought Mama might be easier in her mind when his brother wasn’t with her than she was when one of her sons still was at home –

In – one, two, three.

Out – one, two, three.

In – one, two, three….

There was no point to thinking like that, to thinking about that. Jeremy still had time to improve. He and Mama were both fine, too, and would continue to be fine, whether Jeremy was here or there. And when Jeremy was here, he would have Simon and Sylvia and Nathaniel all around, much more than they were now, to set him good examples, so that would help him improve, too. And Nathaniel had an opportunity right now, as a second year, to practice setting a good example. He went to the front of the room and sat beside one of the first years.

The boy was a Crotalus, and Nathaniel noticed the details which made him think this was a member of his own social class. He also seemed focused on his work, which was a good sign. Nathaniel focused on his own, taking notes, abbreviated and dropping articles, in a neat, readable print he used for his school notebooks – not the formal penmanship he’d use for an assignment or a letter home, but something clearer for his own purposes. When they were asked to contribute to a discussion of similarities and differences between a needle and a matchstick, he raised his hand to add one – matchsticks and needles were both items he had no real experience with, but looking at the pictures on the board was enough to make that task easy enough to get the year off to a good start with.

Pebbles to buttons. Write the chart from memory and make a fancy button. He began drawing his table on blank parchment and was just filling in the headings when he heard the Crotalus boy sigh.

“Do you need any help with your Transfiguration table?” he offered. “I’m Nathaniel Mordue, of the Oregon Mordues – and a second year,” he added, to explain his presumptiveness in thinking he could be of assistance.

  • Let's just get on with it. Julius Astley, Sun Aug 12 16:07
    After the Opening Feast, Julius had been happy enough to be led to the Crotalus Common Room by the Deputy Headmistress no less. That was at least reassuring that the house he had been sorted into was ... more
    • That seems like a good idea. — Nathaniel Mordue, Teppenpaw, Mon Sep 17 20:17
      • It means I can go back to wishing I wasn't here.Julius Astley, Crotalus, Mon Sep 17 20:54
        Julius had been diligently filling out his transfiguration table, determined to focus on nothing but. He wasn't sure how he felt about transfiguration, still unsure as to its practical applications... more
        • Probably not the most productive use of your time.Nathaniel Mordue, Mon Sep 17 21:24
          Astley, California. Another western family, so Nathaniel recognized the name, though he was confident that their families were not close associates in any way. This was quite possibly a good thing –... more
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