Julius Astley, Crotalus
It means I can go back to wishing I wasn't here.
Mon Sep 17, 2018 20:54

Julius had been diligently filling out his transfiguration table, determined to focus on nothing but. He wasn't sure how he felt about transfiguration, still unsure as to its practical applications and until the point they became apparent (if they ever did), he was only going to do the work as quickly as possible so that he could go back to thinking about more important things - at the moment, these things were generally revolving around how happy he was (which he wasn't) and how long he had to let time pass before it was reasonable to write a letter home demanding that he be taken out of Sonora (this was posing a rather large problem. Two weeks? Three weeks? A month?)

He hadn't even glanced up at his classmate, neither wanting nor caring to know who they were and he certainly had no intention of making friends. He paused momentarily, the voice of his younger sister Aelia ringing through his head and he scowled at his parchment. Why did he need friends? What purpose did they serve? Was there really any practical use of having them? Was Aelia just being overly sensitive given that she was only six?

He was pulled out of his musings when he realised that he had gained the attention of his neighbour who seemed to think that he needed help. Julius frowned and lifted his head to look at his classmate and bark a retort that no, he did not need help thank you very much and could they please keep their nose out of his business when he realised that the boy had also introduced himself as Nathaniel Mordue.

Somewhere, in the back of Julius' mind, a bell rang. Suddenly, the voice of his father was filling his ears and he distinctly remembered him mentioning the Mordue family. He couldn't, however, remember the context nor anything else about them but if his father had deemed them worthy enough to mention, perhaps Julius had finally come across somebody who was actually worth his time.

"No, thank you," he responded, tackling the question first. "I was just thinking. I'm Julius Astley of the Californian Astleys."

If they had been standing instead of sitting next to each other, he might've stuck out his hand. Yet, having said that, the boy was older which technically meant that he was in a higher position and therefore, he had to be the one to initiate the handshake. Then, Julius decided that the etiquette on shaking hands didn't actually matter in this case given that they were already sitting next to each other and the maneuvering required to shake hands would cause far too much of a disturbance and they would both end up making fools of themselves which really wasn't acceptable. They were above everybody else so therefore, they had to behave accordingly. Instead, he settled simply for, "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

  • That seems like a good idea.Nathaniel Mordue, Teppenpaw, Mon Sep 17 20:17
    The classrooms at Sonora had not changed much over the summer, though some of the faces in the rooms had changed. Nathaniel had hoped that being a second year, one of the big men in his class, would... more
    • It means I can go back to wishing I wasn't here. — Julius Astley, Crotalus, Mon Sep 17 20:54
      • Probably not the most productive use of your time.Nathaniel Mordue, Mon Sep 17 21:24
        Astley, California. Another western family, so Nathaniel recognized the name, though he was confident that their families were not close associates in any way. This was quite possibly a good thing ... more
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