Natalie Atwater, Pecari
Growing up
Thu Sep 20, 2018 16:47

Fifth year was a big year but what Natalie was currently focused on wasn't CATS. She supposed she'd just take Transfig, Charms and Defense. She didn't expect stellar marks on them based on the fact that she was only an A-E student with an occasional O (usually in Transfig) or P (usually in Potions or on theory work).

It was more the fact that she was now fifteen and would be sixteen in February. That meant in less than two years, Natalie would be an adult . And she did not want to be. Adulthood wasn't even remotely fun. She'd have expectations placed on her even more than she did now. Worse, she was sure her parents, Father especially, expected her to follow Kelsey's example.

Of course, Natalie doubted she could. For one thing, she didn't think she'd have as many suitors and she certainly didn't want the same kind her sister did, who were all interchangeably stuffy. Which suited Kelsey perfectly because she was stuffier than a plush toy with a bad cold.

She often looked at the Crotalus boys to see if she could picture herself with them. Winston Pierce she found a bit uptight and the other two-and Simon was also sort of uptight, really-she just plain didn't know well. Not that she really knew Winston either. As for the sixth years, she wasn't really clear on Jozua's social status-that was a must, they had to be socially important or it wouldn't happen-and Finn....seemed taken, even if she wasn't sure by who. Okay, Natalie wouldn't really care about snatching him away from Gwen Fintoc if that was the case and she was that interested in him, which she wasn't, but she didn't want to hurt Juniper who seemed fragile. Plus, she was family. Distant family, but still family and the fifth year didn't want to bring about a schism.

And then Victor might be interested in Emerald as they'd gone to the ball together. This adult thing was so bloody confusing! The Pecari so very much did not want it!

She was glad when Professor Skies began the lecture and she could focus on simpler things like Transfiguration. As much as Natalie didn't care for theory and she didn't really want to read anything scientific for homework, it was less overall stressful than the whole "being an adult" thing. At least she was female and wouldn't be expected to have a career! The fifth year couldn't imagine having to find something she had to do for the rest of her life on top of the rest of it.

Once Professor Skies gave them today's practical assignment, Natalie headed over to Connor's group. Ivy was her first cousin and all, but a trombone sounded easier than a piccolo with all it's keys.

The Pecari took her wooden block and pictured a trombone. Okay, so a trombone was considerably bigger and less wooden block like then the other instruments. They weren't very similar, but the thing still didn't have keys at all. Why couldn't somene play something....well, closer to what a wooden block was like? Like....hmm...a bongo drum?

Natalie did the incantation she was given by Connor and accompanying wand motion and handed her finished product off to the fourth year for inspection.

Connor looked it over. "Well, okay, first of all, it's not big enough. Your mouthpiece is wood yet and it should be metal." He tried to move the slide only to find it was stuck. "And this part should slide out but it's still solid wood yet which means the sound isn't going to come out. Overall, it seems to be a gold painted wood trombone rather then a metal one" The Crotalus paused, wanting to give Natalie some positive feedback as well. "It does have the right proportions though. And it's not a block of wood anymore."

"Thank you." The fifth year took back her wooden toy-sized trombone for another try.

OOC-Connor is also written by me.

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