Oh, I am with you there!
Wed Oct 3, 2018 15:03

German! She spoke German! Not perfectly, it was clear, but enough! Enough that it would have immediately gotten her an invitation to the ball last year, enough that his eyes widened in surprise and delight and relief, enough to lighten his heart and make him smile to hear his native tongue again, in this setting.

Enough to terrify the wits out of him.

Katerina was Russian, presumably, since she said her mother was from Russia. But the woman had been to Germany. Past tense, so not anymore, and possibly only once -hard to tell with non-native speakers - but Germany was apparently important enough to her that her daughter learned the language and was aware of that trip into Europe.

How long ago? Decades ago? Last year? If last year . . . if last year she couldn’t have missed hearing about the trial.

His smile faded and a fresh wariness entered his eyes. “Yes,” he told her, responding in his own language, but speaking slowly for her. “I am from Germany. You speak German very well. You have been there yourself?” he asked nervously, hoping for a negative because if Katerina had not gone it made it less likely her mother had visited recently. Though even if it had been years ago, she might keep up with current events, and that would be bad.

Though the hope he clung to was that Katerina had not already asked about the Hexenmeister trial. Even if Frau Vorontsov knew, she probably hadn’t told her kids about some German assassins going to jail. Who did that?

Of course, it may come back in the next owl post after Katerina tells her mother that she met a Hexenmeister from Germany.

“Your family has friends there?” he questioned, trying to keep it light and casual, like his life and future happiness didn’t lie in the balance. He doubted his success.

  • And tenses. Don't get me started on tenses.Katerina, Mon Sep 17 20:53
    Heinrich used short, straightforward sentences. This was – at least when it wasn’t done for her benefit, as it clearly wasn’t here – a trait Katya appreciated in a person. His grammar twisted on... more
    • Oh, I am with you there! — Heinrich, Wed Oct 3 15:03
      • Glad we're on the same page.Katerina, Wed Oct 10 11:40
        Katya listened closely, glad for relatively short, straightforward sentences in German as well as English, and then shook her head. “No,” she said, also in German. “I do not go to Germany. Mama war – ... more
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