Professor Skies
Advanced - Fingerbone's connected to the handbone
Fri Oct 19, 2018 23:58

“Welcome back,” Professor Skies greeted the advanced class as they made their way into their first lesson after the Christmas break. It was often a time of low mood but Selina hoped that she had an interesting enough subject to combat the post holiday blues.

“Today, we are going to be beginning our unit on vanishment in healing. As I am sure you’re expecting the majority of this unit will be theoretical, but today we are going to kick off with a practical,” she promised them, hoping the lure of that would be enough to maintain their interest through the next stern lecture bit that she was obliged to give.

“I know that you have been hearing this sort of warning for five or six years minimum now, but given the seriousness of the subject at hand, I am obliged to remind you of it again… Do not mess about with these spells outside of class. Even if you’re acing the practical parts of this unit, this is a highly controlled and simplified version of medical magic, designed to give you a taster, give you a chance to practise some targeted skills, and to see a practical application for your work. Please leave any real life healing up to Ms. Kapoor,” she informed them. Admittedly, there were probably a few maladies they could take care of themselves - simple cuts and bruises, even mending a simple break in a small bone was not unheard of for the school aged magical population, but she didn’t exactly think it was to be encouraged.

“Today, I have procured several fingerbones from deceased grindylows for you. Can anyone suggest why that might be?” she asked. Grindylows were covered, at a basic level, in intermediate Defence, so they should all have had some knowledge of the creatures, though possibly not enough from that most basic of introductions to suggest why their Transfiguration professor was suddenly so interested in their fingerbones. She had meant to check with Rory whether they came up in his class as well - although they were generally considered dark creatures, certain of those made useful guards, and wizards had been known cultivate them for that purpose. Anyone who had actively tried to care for Grindylows would be more likely to know what she was getting at.

She took responses, tailoring her questions to the knowledge being displayed, until she had prompted a sufficient amount of information out of them - namely, that Grindylows had very brittle fingers, this could lead to several breakages throughout their lifetime, and as these were left to heal naturally, they did not always do so neatly. Older Grindylows frequently displayed a lack of dexterity, which could lead to complications in them surviving in their natural environment.

“So, on the board is a diagram of a healthy set of Grindylow fingerbones,” she waved her wand, replicating the image that was in the textbook on her desk onto the board. “You can also consult the textbooks at the back, as creature diagrams are not my strongest point,” even with the image to focus on in front of her, she just wasn’t that tuned into the details. It was a passable sketch but the one in the book was far clearer.

“You will be given an unhealthy fingerbone with excessive bony growths. Your job is to target your vanishing spells accordingly, so that you remove only the excess bone growth and don’t take a chunk out of what should be there. Aim to go under rather than over - to peel it away bit by bit. If you overshoot, you will need to collect a new bone and start again, as it’s a lot harder to put bones back by magic than it is to take them away.

“You may begin.”

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