Tasha DuBois, Aladren
*scratches head*
Wed Dec 12, 2018 04:56

Tasha had had a wonderful holiday break where she had gone to Israel. She had enjoyed it very much. It was very interesting to learn about the Jewish culture and Hanukah-even though they'd gotten there after it was over.

Now she was back at Sonora for her last semester. As much as she liked her classes and all, the Aladren was kind of glad to be graduating. Now she would be able to travel like she hadn't done since coming to school. Even though she had gotten sort of used to it, she sometimes felt...caged. Tasha had spent a good deal of her childhood travelling the world but for the last seven years, she'd been stuck in one place most of the year and to be honest, she didn't really like being so. She preferred a change of scenery, exploring new cultures and trying new foods.

Of course, Tasha knew that eventually she would have to marry someone and settle down and have her own kids, but hopefully she would be able to teach them to love travelling the way her mother had taught her to. If there was anything about herself-and her mother-that she wanted to pass on, it was that. Hopefully her husband would be up for it too. Tasha really didn't want to be "caged" again.

However, it looked Transfiguration was going to be fairly interesting today. True, there wasn't likely to be much use in it for her, but that didn't mean it didn't pique her curiosity. It was a good thing that advanced classes dealt with more complex and intriguing magic because otherwise, she'd probably be fed up with being here.

Maybe it would have been easier to be stuck in one place if Tasha had had more friends here. She had Joe and was mostly okay but in all honesty, it did hurt a little that she'd been more or less excluded from the beginning for the most part.

Anyway, there were more interesting matters at hand, as she was never going to see anyone she went to school with again except probably Angelique and possibly Daniel Fintoc. A much more important matter was how did Professor Skies get grindylow bones in the first place? Was there an actual market for this thing and if so was it just for lessons like this one? Like, maybe they were sold by the same people who sold potion supplies? That would make the most sense.

Tasha received her finger bone and set to work. Her bone was full of growths. She took her wand and aimed underneath saying the incantation. The growth shrunk a little.

The Aladren turned to the person next to her and asked. "So where do you think she got these anyway?"

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    • *scratches head* — Tasha DuBois, Aladren, Wed Dec 12 04:56
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