Arianna Tate, Crotalus
Back to school blahs
Mon Dec 24, 2018 18:26

Arianna was never really very happy to come back to school after a break. She was at the age now where she was going to balls and parties during the school vacations and she much preferred the company of society people to that of her rather questionable classmates. Even the ones in her year from good families weren't really.....her type of person. Juniper was so painfully shy that if she wasn't a Brockert, Arianna wouldn't have noted her existence in any way and Lily Spencer was just...basically everything the Crotalus hated. Angelique was probably the best out of everyone and she was kind of pathetic. The older girl had a desperation that one could practically smell, Arianna being the sort of girl who could pretty much sense weakness and fear. It wasn't a magical power, but it was still a skill.

Still, the seventh year was pretty much the only person near Arianna's age that she had anything in common with and besides, she was very popular in society.

And next year, Arianna wouldn't even have her to talk to. She'd only have Jasmine. And she guessed she could talk to Emerald. The Aladren wasn't a girly girl but she was an important member of society and at school, she had being the Headmaster's granddaughter going for her. Plus, she loathed Lily Spencer so there was that.

Anyway, now Arianna was stuck being back at school. Back to limited options for people worth talking to and dull boring classes. Okay, sometimes she liked classes, not that she would ever ever admit that because liking classes was for nerds, but a lot of the time, professors got bogged down with boring theory and Professsor Wright was especially bad since he went on long tangents about physics, which was pretty much right up there with Quidditch as the most boring subject ever.

At least Professor Skies was starting them off with a practical lesson rather than a theoretical one even if it wasn't anything that Arianna was going to be using. Plus, she was rather good at transfiguration which made the class overall more palatable.

She recieved her grindylow bone and got to work.

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    • Back to school blahs — Arianna Tate, Crotalus, Mon Dec 24 18:26
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