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Emilia-Louise Scott
Never enough.
Wed Jan 25, 2017 16:27

Emmy-Lou loved expanding her knowledge. She often found the process of doing so to be challenging, but she didn’t think she was one to shy away from a challenge.

Her favourite class at Sonora was Care of Magical Creatures, not the most academic of subjects but one that she ranked with high importance. Caring for anything or anyone was rewarding and learning more about all the exciting types of creatures that existed was definitely interesting.

In accordance with all the charity work she took part in, Emmy-Lou had many rescue animals back at home. She hated having to be apart from them whilst she was at school, even if she did know they were in good hands.

She knew a lot about animal charities in her area and had done a lot of work for them over the years, but she had never had many opportunities when it came to magical creatures. Emmy-Lou had supported charities which advocated the protection of certain magical creatures, such as unicorns, but she hadn’t come across many rescue shelters or sanctuaries for them. But she imagined that they must exist so was determined to find them.

In the meantime what better way to get to know more about them than by getting hands on? Studying Care of Magical Creatures at school meant that there were always fascinating creatures on site and she had decided it would be a good idea to see if Professor Taransay would let her help him in taking care of them. They did that in class but Emmy-Lou wanted to do more. The best way to learn about animals was through experience.

This would give her that and also be heaps of fun. Professor Taransay agreed to her request to help him quite happily - what a nice teacher he was. The arrangement was pretty sweet, she thought. It was icing on the cake that she got to hang out with one of the hottest professors as well.

“Hi Professor,” Emmy-Lou arrived when she had promised she would. She had a busy schedule but had made sure to fit plenty of time into it for this. “Where should I start?”

OOC: Mentions of Professor Taransay approved by his author.

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