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Fabian Brockert, Pecari
Not really
Sun Mar 19, 2017 18:12

So it was his fifth year. Fabian couldn't help but feel a bit of an icky feeling in his stomach. This meant CATS. CATS meant going to advanced classes and then RATS. And after that there was having to get a job and be an adult. Yuck.

Plus, he was still not sure what he wanted to take for his other two classes. Transfiguration was a definite yes and Potions was a definite no. He was super undecided on everything else. Charms was basically a class everyone continued and while Fabian didn't have to be like everyone else, nobody could deny the importance of Charms. On the other hand, he genuinely enjoyed DADA, Herbology and COMC more. If the Pecari was going to be an adult and work, he wanted to do something outdoorsy. Just because one had a prestigious last name didn't mean they had to do a prestigious job. Fabian was poorly suited to the business world, mostly because the thought of working in business or academia or something was truly sickening to him.

At least he had a....potential betrothal so that was one less thing to worry about. Well, okay, calling it that might have been a little much, but over the summer, he seemingly officially became "on the market". No announcement was made as such, but girls suddenly recognized Fabian as an "eligible bachelor" and tried to impress him. Granted, a fair amount of these had to be attracted to his last name. A male Brockert was available and this was his to deal with on his own, as the other Brockert male around his age was very very taken. Not in an official capacity, but more taken than anyone who was.

Part of him enjoyed it, part of him felt uncomfortable and a part of him felt uncomfortable about enjoying it. Of course, if they were just after his last name, then he felt less bad about it. Anyway, there was one girl,a Miss Alicia Stark, who seemed possibly genuinely interested. She seemed to follow him around an awful lot at the very least, apparently staking her claim. However, Fabian supposed he enjoyed her company enough. She didn't spend most of her time bragging about all her own wonderful qualities like some girls did. He logically got why people did that in these situations but his overall instinct was to find it as distasteful as he did normally.

Plus, the basic first words he'd said to her "Excuse me" as he'd belched and looked up to find her. So Alicia-first name basis and everything, good sign, a lot of these girls had been less than forthcoming with permission for that-had seen, er rather heard, him burp and not ran away in horror or lecture him in bad manners because of a normal bodily function when he'd assumed he'd been alone anyway.

He listened to Professor Tansary talk about the glumbumbles. Fabian knew the answer to the first question, but didn't raise his hand. He'd never previously stood out as a student and wasn't going to start now. He didn't, however, know the dangers of the treacle and had assumed it was that it didn't taste good. Thank Merlin he hadn't been called on.

The lesson itself was sort of...well, not terrible as it was hands on but he didn't know how it would be useful later. Plus, glumbumbles weren't a terribly exciting creature. And this was important to think about, as Fabian had to choose two classes to keep other than Transfiguration so basically his teachers had to impress him just like the girls who wanted to marry him did. Not that he was going to inform them of this fact, as it would just sound...bad to go up to a teacher and tell them he was judging them and their lessons and that if he was to choose their class to continue, they had to impress him. Fabian wasn't that self important and he doubted that they cared enough about him continuing their classes anyway. After all, he didn't really stand out as a student.

Anyway, it was time to get to the lesson. He walked up to the closest available person and asked. "Do you want to work together?"

  • Feeling glum?Professor Taransay, Sat Mar 18 05:40
    It had been a little over a year since Rory had started working at Sonora, and in that time his life had changed quite a lot. Meeting Amelle had, at the time, been one of the best things that had... more
    • On the contraryArthur Leithan, Fri Apr 7 21:33
      Arthur enjoyed Care of Magical Creatures. He had experience working with nonmagical animals at home. His family had a small herd of sheep they used to train and work their border collies. It has been ... more
    • Not todayArtemis Leithan, Fri Apr 7 21:05
      Artemis was always somewhat hesitant about Care of Magical Creatures. She liked to study ahead with most of her classes. She practiced her potions work in her room to perfect her technique, which... more
    • Actually, no. (Tag Finn)Juniper Brockert, Teppenpaw, Fri Apr 7 12:45
      Other than being with Finn, Care of Magical Creatures was the only thing Juniper truly loved about Sonora. However, she wasn't sure if she really preferred being home either. On the one hand, at... more
      • Me neither!Finn Scott, Teppenpaw, Fri Apr 14 10:51
        Finn’s alarm hadn’t gone off that morning, for some reason, and he’d only been woken up by the sound of Jozua moving about their dormitory. Having to get ready in a bit of a rush had put him slightly ... more
        • Glad to hear itJuniper, Sat Apr 22 11:52
          Juniper grinned. The combination of animals-even something like glumbumbles-and her best friend was something that made her genuinely happy. Hopefully she could forget about everyone else being... more
    • You have no idea...Georgia Kirkly, Teppenpaw, Thu Mar 30 07:04
      Georgia slouched into Care of Magical Creatures. She wondered whether it was too much to hope for that one year, just one, she wouldn’t be entering class puffy eyed on a regular basis. For the first... more
      • Tell me about it?Tess Whittaker, Pecari, Thu Apr 6 15:14
        Fourth year Tess seemed to be walking around with a permanent smile so far. A naturally optimistic person, the struggles and hardships of last year meant that, now everything was as okay as it could... more
        • Why, what's your angle?Georgia, Tue Apr 25 09:10
          ’Mind if I work with you?’ The words ‘Why would you want to?’ sprang immediately to mind, and came exceptionally close to being blurted out, but Georgia managed to hold them back and replace them... more
    • I've had cheerier days.Joe Umland, Teppenpaw, Tue Mar 21 19:11
      Normally, Joe might have noticed a decrease in Taransay’s usual level of verbal enthusiasm, but his situation at the moment was not quite normal. Normally, Care of Magical Creatures was just another... more
      • That seems to be a trend.Nevaeh Reed [Aladren], Thu Mar 23 01:53
        Nevaeh was less excited for classes this year than others, if only because Barnaby had moved up to the Advanced level. She still had people to work with, of course - her other friends were all in her ... more
        • Are you feeling glum about anything?Joe, Fri Mar 24 15:57
          Joe shook his head automatically as he answered Nevaeh’s question, even though the gesture had no real purpose in this context. “I don’t think it’s just you,” he said. “This year is…below my... more
    • Not really — Fabian Brockert, Pecari, Sun Mar 19 18:12
      • A littleIngrid Wolseithcrafte, Pecari, Tue Mar 21 06:35
        Ew. CATS year. This was going to be one never ending headache, she was sure of it. Not that Ingrid found much of the material difficult, per se. She was a well-educated girl from the kind of family... more
        • Sorry to hear thatFabian, Wed Apr 5 09:04
          Fabian blinked at Ingrid's barrage of questions. Okay, yes, he knew sort of what her family was like, what her two oldest siblings had been like-or what he assumed they were like being that they were ... more
          • Eh, it'll be fineIngrid, Sun May 14 00:25
            “It’s not like it’s a difficult process though,” Ingrid argued back, “Sure, I wouldn’t trust the most of the potions we make, but this is putting goo in a jar. The only way to mess up is if we... more
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