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Ingrid Wolseithcrafte, Pecari
A little
Tue Mar 21, 2017 06:35

Ew. CATS year. This was going to be one never ending headache, she was sure of it. Not that Ingrid found much of the material difficult, per se. She was a well-educated girl from the kind of family that had its own library, and where being ignorant was deemed worse than being rude (although both were frowned on in such severe degrees that it was a little hard to tell). She got her work done by dint of habit. Not doing it, even though she was relatively unsupervised at school, or doing it badly simply didn’t occur to her. But she didn’t live for it, the way her Aladren siblings did. She lived for Quidditch, and time spent on homework was time that she could have been flying. And the teachers were bound to go on about the exams and give them heaps extra work to do. It was just going to be miserable.

Speaking of which, their subject matter for the day was apparently the Glumbumble, a rather sad sounding animal. When Professor Taransay called on students, she raised her hand. Again, it was a habit drilled home hard by tutors and parents who cared a lot about these things - when adults asked you questions, you gave answers. Plus it was an easy way to pick up house points and she liked Pecari to win things.

“It’s used in treating hysteria,” she replied, “Especially from eating magical plants.” She couldn’t remember the specific name of the plant in question, and she wasn’t sure whether it could be used to treat non-magical hysteria as well, so she hedged her bets with the ‘especially.’ She kept her hand down for the next question, even though she knew the answer to that too, because Professor Taransay wasn’t going to pick the same person twice in a row and she didn’t want to look like a swot or a show off.

With a sigh, she set to work. She was definitely keeping Care of Magical Creatures on next year, it was easily her favourite subject, and - although some rational criticism of the idea (in that it would be difficult to achieve, not because it was dangerous) was creeping in as she got older - she still really thought she would like to be a dragon handler. She definitely wanted to work with cool and interesting creatures (and/or be a Pro Quidditch player - their careers didn’t last forever, so she could do both) and this was why this was simultaneously her favourite class and the one with the most capacity to disappoint her. She went into Potions on a daily basis expecting to be bored, and it mostly delivered. She went into Care of Magical Creatures every day knowing it could, potentially be the most awesome thing ever. And sometimes it was. Like when they got unicorns or hippogriffs. Even nifflers and kneazles were pretty fun. But some days, it just didn’t live up to her expectations. She wasn’t sure how anyone could have expected a creature with ‘glum’ in the name to sound appealing, and she didn’t particularly want to work with hysterical people, or be around them in any way, shape or form, so it wasn’t like it had some property of great value to her. Well, she guessed it reduced the number of hysterics she would have to deal with, so that was good, but even then she couldn’t quite sell it to herself.

“Sure,” she nodded, when Fabian asked if she wanted to work together. She found it weird how little she knew him even though they were housemates. He seemed… ok. She didn’t really know what else she could think about him. He was in Pecari, which suggested they had stuff in common.

She pulled on neatly fitting grey dragon hide gloves. Overkill for stinging nettles but the only kind she had, and began feeding a few through the mesh of the hutch.

“So… time to gather some goo… How much do you reckon a dose is? Like, are we stocking several hospitals with our efforts? With each person’s effort? Or do you have to have spoonfuls of the stuff? And is it the same amount needed to get depressed, or does that work differently?” Just because she wasn’t very interested didn’t mean she didn’t have thoughts or further questions. Probably another family habit - everything needed to be speculated on.

  • Not reallyFabian Brockert, Pecari, Sun Mar 19 18:12
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    • A little — Ingrid Wolseithcrafte, Pecari, Tue Mar 21 06:35
      • Sorry to hear thatFabian, Wed Apr 5 09:04
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        • Eh, it'll be fineIngrid, Sun May 14 00:25
          “It’s not like it’s a difficult process though,” Ingrid argued back, “Sure, I wouldn’t trust the most of the potions we make, but this is putting goo in a jar. The only way to mess up is if we... more
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