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Nevaeh Reed [Aladren]
That seems to be a trend.
Thu Mar 23, 2017 01:53

Nevaeh was less excited for classes this year than others, if only because Barnaby had moved up to the Advanced level. She still had people to work with, of course - her other friends were all in her year - but working on homework together was always a convient reason to hang out. She supposed she could still look for evenings like that, but it would be weird not working on the same things. Maybe she could ask for his help, even though she rarely actually needed it. It’d be an excuse, at least. Or she could just ask him to hang out. That was harder, though. She had sort of figured out recently that he was a boy. And not just that, he was a Boy.

Care of Magical Creatures was fun, at least, even without such a Boy. With an animal at her side twenty four hours a day, it was hard not to like creatures, even if hers wasn’t magical. Scout was still pretty cool, because even if he didn’t have magical abilities, he still did a bunch of stuff most dogs couldn’t do. Sometimes she wondered if he was even better than humans. (And sometimes he probably was.)

When the professor finished talking, it was time to pair up. She heard Joe Umland’s voice beside her, offering some light jest. That was good, considering she’d heard about some sort of altercation with him and his brother. “Sounds like an adventure,” she grinned back at him as she pulled on her first glove. “Not that sedatives are super necessary around here. Is it just me, or is everybody all bummed out lately?”

“Speaking of,” she commented as she fought with her second glove. Having one hand’s mobility slightly impacted by leather sure made it more difficult to fidget with the other. “Did I hear correctly that you got into it with your brother on the first day back?” Nevaeh’s tone was mildly curious, if not concerned. “I don’t mean to gossip, but, well… I can’t see, so what have I got to do but listen, right? Anyway, like… is everything okay?”

After working together for the fair last year, she considered the Teppenpaw a friend, and she wanted him to feel like he could talk to her if he needed to. Her tone expressed this nicely, but she added, “If you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine too, we can just get to work. Just.. help me make sure none of these glumbumble things flies too close to Scout, okay? I’m afraid he’ll try to eat one, and I can’t imagine that ending well for anybody.”

  • I've had cheerier days.Joe Umland, Teppenpaw, Tue Mar 21 19:11
    Normally, Joe might have noticed a decrease in Taransay’s usual level of verbal enthusiasm, but his situation at the moment was not quite normal. Normally, Care of Magical Creatures was just another... more
    • That seems to be a trend. — Nevaeh Reed [Aladren], Thu Mar 23 01:53
      • Are you feeling glum about anything?Joe, Fri Mar 24 15:57
        Joe shook his head automatically as he answered Nevaeh’s question, even though the gesture had no real purpose in this context. “I don’t think it’s just you,” he said. “This year is…below my... more
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