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Are you feeling glum about anything?
Fri Mar 24, 2017 15:57

Joe shook his head automatically as he answered Nevaeh’s question, even though the gesture had no real purpose in this context. “I don’t think it’s just you,” he said. “This year is…below my standards of quality so far. Maybe Taransay accidentally dropped some of this treacle into the punch at the Feast?”

Joe doubted this, somehow, but he wouldn’t be entirely sorry if he did find out that this year was entirely the fault of someone tampering with food and drink. If that was the case, none of them were at fault for anything they’d done and could therefore move on as though none of it had ever happened. Maybe. Officially, after all, they were supposed to be able to do that after going to Confession, and Joe had never really seen it work that way. He and one or another sibling had dutifully reported unkindnesses they’d done to each other all their lives, but it didn’t just magically make things between him and the sibling in question better. God might forgive and forget, but they were only human. It was easy to say he believed the right thing and a lot harder to put it into practice….

”Speaking of….” said Nevaeh, and for a moment Joe wondered if she could read minds. Then he remembered that the rumor mill had probably taken the story and run wild with it before John had even finished his song and dance routine with Brockert.

“Not least the glumbumble,” said Joe when Nevaeh asked him to help keep Scout to a non-depressing diet. “I’ll try my best. And use better, uh, tactics than I did with my brother.” That didn’t quite make sense even with context, he realized. “You heard correctly,” he said, getting the utensils to scrape out the treacle from one of the enclosures. “John – well, he decided last month to just come to America to visit one of his friends, but he didn’t bother to tell any of us he was going first,” said Joe, adapting the facts a little. “We get a two-line note from Maryland days later. We don’t even know how he got to Maryland. I promise, hitting isn’t what I usually do when I’m worried about people. John’s…hard to live with, sometimes.” He picked up a bucket. “Do you want to hold the bucket under their door or scrape and me catch the treacle?” he asked. “I’ll open the door and shove some nettles at them first either way.”

  • That seems to be a trend.Nevaeh Reed [Aladren], Thu Mar 23 01:53
    Nevaeh was less excited for classes this year than others, if only because Barnaby had moved up to the Advanced level. She still had people to work with, of course - her other friends were all in her ... more
    • Are you feeling glum about anything? — Joe, Fri Mar 24 15:57
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