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Professor Taransay
Time to get creative! [Beginners]
Sat Apr 1, 2017 07:22 (XFF:,

Today was, sadly, an inside day. As much as he liked to give his students experience with creatures, Rory couldn’t provide herds of animals for every single lesson, so for this lesson he’d settled on what he believed to be the next best thing.

“Good morning, everyone,” Rory said, after waiting for the class to sit down and get their belongings sorted. He’d learnt from experience not to start the lesson until the students had settled down – speaking over the noise of 30-odd students wasn’t often successful. After taking the register, he launched straight into what they would be doing.

“Today isn’t going to be a hands-on lesson, I’m sorry, but we are still going to be looking at a new creature.” He gestured to the large cage behind him, which was filled with foliage and the odd red light. “Can anyone guess what species I have here with me?”

Rory picked on those who raised their hands until he got the right answer of Clabberts, awarding house points. He hoped that his second years would get the hint from the very occasional red light that was emitted from the Clabberts, as that had been part of their reading last year.

“Ok, so for today’s task you’re going to be working in pairs. I’d like you to create an information poster on Clabberts – what they look like, their habits, where they live, and anything else you think is relevant. You can use your books for help, ask me questions, and also feel free to come up to the front for a closer observation of the Clabberts we have here. Large sheets of parchment and felt-tip pens can be found at the front. I expect these posters to be both informative and colourful!”

Lecturing was a teaching method that Rory sometimes used with his older students, but he found that it was generally easier for a class to absorb knowledge if they learnt it in a fun and active way. He’d always enjoyed making posters when he was younger, and so it seemed like the ideal way to introduce his beginners to Clabberts, and gain some room decorations at the same time! Rory had come across felt-tips at Hogwarts, thanks to a muggle-born friend, and he always made sure that he had a good collection. Even as an adult he found them useful for working, and he’d bought even more when he’d started working as a teacher.

Leaving the class to get started, Rory checked on the Clabberts once more before strolling round the classroom, ready to answer any questions and making sure that everyone was working. The Clabberts’ cage was quite large, although being in a classroom did limit the space a little. However, their owner would collect them and return them to their usual home later that day, and there were a limited number of red flashes. A small amount was always to be expected, and Rory was satisfied that the creatures were generally happy.

OOC: Normal class rules apply – no godmodding, and points are awarded for length and creativity. Tag Professor Taransay in your post if your character has any questions, and assume there is a wide variety of felt-tip colours!

Information on Clabberts can be found here:

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