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Sorry to hear that
Wed Apr 5, 2017 09:04

Fabian blinked at Ingrid's barrage of questions. Okay, yes, he knew sort of what her family was like, what her two oldest siblings had been like-or what he assumed they were like being that they were both Aladren which meant he assumed they were pompous know-it-alls, which was the case with most Aladrens not closely related to him minus Louis and Leo Bennett who he found slightly more tolerable, and in the case of the latter had to tolerate based on him being Arabella's brother-in-law-and the fact that Owen's boggart last year had turned into Ingrid's older brother Theodore berating him as not good enough for Jemima apparently based on his lack of athleticism and the fact that he had asthma had given him some clues. The Wolfseithcraftes were big on sports and academics. However, while Fabian knew Ingrid was a skilled Chaser-not her fault Clark Dill had been a better Seeker than Jamie Park had been overall-and certainly didn't see her as stupid he'd never realized how...much she liked to ask questions.

Of course, Pecaris could be curious but he'd always thought of their curiosity as being displayed quite differently. Like his twin cousins were both rather curious people. Savannah-although she was a Teppenpaw, not an Aladren-was academically minded and he felt smarter than a lot of even the Aladrens but too nice a person to be Sorted there-not that Amity, his only Aladren cousin was a bad person and she was highly sensitive about being thought of as such but as Savannah had been Sorted into Teppenpaw it meant kindness overrode academic curiosity in her-and Scarlett who was a Pecari was more the sort to go stick her nose into things.

He decided to do the only thing he could in this situation. Attempt to answer her the best he could. "I very much doubt we're stocking hospitals, I mean, would you give that responsibility to a bunch of teenagers who aren't even in Advanced classes yet? That seems like an awful lot to put on us, especially considering that some of us are only third years. Plus, like, I don't think just our glumbumbles would produce enough for that. I'm not sure those of the entire class would. I think in addition to learning about a creature that's easy enough for the third years this early in the year, it's kind of busy work. Like, the goo just has to be removed and we're the labor to do so. What Professor Tansary is going to do with it later, I have no idea. Maybe we are stocking the school's Hospital Wing, though I'm not sure how we'd eat the Alihotsy leaves by mistake while at school, since I'm pretty sure that if we were studying them in Herbology, the professor would explicitly tell us not to eat them. " That was the usefulness of that class, especially for the outdoorsy types like himself. "And I'm not really sure about how much it takes to get depressed. As I don't want to be depressed, I wouldn't try and find out. I'd rather just not eat an Alihotsy leaf in the first place."

His thoughts about Herbology brought him back to his thoughts from earlier in the class. "Hey, Ingrid, um do you know what you want to take next year? Because I'm not sure..."

  • A littleIngrid Wolseithcrafte, Pecari, Tue Mar 21 06:35
    Ew. CATS year. This was going to be one never ending headache, she was sure of it. Not that Ingrid found much of the material difficult, per se. She was a well-educated girl from the kind of family... more
    • Sorry to hear that — Fabian, Wed Apr 5 09:04
      • Eh, it'll be fineIngrid, Sun May 14 00:25
        “It’s not like it’s a difficult process though,” Ingrid argued back, “Sure, I wouldn’t trust the most of the potions we make, but this is putting goo in a jar. The only way to mess up is if we... more
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