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Jennifer White
With great effort
Thu Apr 6, 2017 06:59

Getting used to a routine, uniform robes, and using a wand was a lot to take in all at once. Jen had yet to form opinions about her roommate, her classes, and a thousand other new experiences in her new life at Sonora, and yes, she could admit to being a little overwhelmed from time to time. Not out loud, of course. Externally, Jen remained the epitome of disinterest, because whose business was it but her own how she was feeling?

In a relatively good mood, Jen readjusted the clips at her temples, keeping her short, choppy brown hair back from her face as she joined the other beginners for their care of magical creatures class. The clips were black, same as the rectangular frames of her glasses, same as her black jersey that she wore beneath her uniform robes, with self-worn holes in the sleeves so she could poke her thumbs through the fabric. She had noticed the caged creatures - or the red flashes they emitted, anyway. It was kind of hard to ignore - but she didn't know much about magical creatures. She knew about crups, and some types of dragons, but nothing more than that. At least she was pretty much guaranteed to learn something from this class.

The assignment sounded okay, too. Posters were lame, obviously, but The first year would rather make a poster than write an essay any day. She was about to start scoping the crowd for someone who liked like they might not annoy her too much, when another student approached her, instead. She noticed he was the guy who’d correctly answered the question at the start of class, which was a big tick in his favor. He introduced himself by his House, rather than his name, which Jen thought was odd. Then Nameless Teppenpaw added, “Known for our friendly co-operation. What more could you want in a poster-making partner?”

Jen raised one eyebrow, and the corner of her mouth twitched upwards. “Yeah I guess you'll do,” she said with a shrug, but her tone was friendlier than her words. “Aladren,” she pointed at her badge, mimicking his earlier introduction. “Known for our love of learning, apparently.” Which probably just made them great candidates for Teacher’s Pets, but probably not too objectionable as a partner for classwork.

  • How could you resist?Kir McLeod, Teppenpaw, Tue Apr 4 20:16
    Kir had been a little bit sad to leave his family, but returning to Sonora was also a lot of fun. There was the cool Cascade Hall with its huge waterfalls, there was the feast, and there was sharing... more
    • With great effort — Jennifer White, Thu Apr 6 06:59
      • So why fight it?Kir McLeod, Tue Apr 18 07:23
        The girl's tone was friendly enough that, even though her words were less than enthusiastic, Kir didn't really get any kind of negative vibe from her. She didn't exactly seem bubbly but people could... more
        • Seems a wasted effortJen White, Tue May 2 10:04
          The Nameless Teppenpaw seemed easy to get along with, and he smiled when she turned his own introduction back on him. He seemed like as good a partner as anyone else in the room, based on her first... more
          • And being wasteful is terribly badKir, Sat May 13 23:47
            “Sounds good,” Kir nodded at Jen’s suggestions. To be fair, she could have said pretty much anything and Kir would have been amicable and agreeable. Perhaps, if it had been totally off-topic or... more
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