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Tess Whittaker, Pecari
Tell me about it?
Thu Apr 6, 2017 15:14 (XFF:,

Fourth year Tess seemed to be walking around with a permanent smile so far. A naturally optimistic person, the struggles and hardships of last year meant that, now everything was as okay as it could be, all things considered, her sunny side was back and in full bloom. On top of having a wonderful and healthy sister, she’d spent a glorious summer with her family, and was now back at Sonora! Back amongst her girl friends (she’d missed them so much!), back seeing Ben every day, and back as a fourth year! Something about finally being out of the youngest years made Tess feel a lot more grown-up. The first years seemed so small these days, and it was hard to believe she’d ever been that young.

Learning about glumbumbles wasn’t depressing enough to bring Tess down. Sure, the treacle didn’t sound the best thing to spread on your toast in the morning, but if you squinted slightly and thought of happy things you could just about call the glumbumbles cute. She was glad that Professor Taransay often managed to bring in animals for the class to study, as it added a nice bit of variation to the curriculum. Plus they often got to spend the lessons outside, which was always a bonus for Tess.

Given the cue to find a partner, Tess was planning to work with Nevaeh, Raine, Nat or Ben, as usual, or maybe even Tasha. She was always open to working with other people, but it was nice to spend more time with her friends. But then she spotted Georgia, who looked as if she’d had a breakfast accident involving the treacle. Tess never liked to see people looking sad, especially when they were looking sad on their own, so she changed course and headed over to the other girl’s hutch. Georgia wasn’t really giving off sociable vibes, but Tess wasn’t going to let that stop her self-appointed mission.

“Hey, mind if I work with you?” she asked, pulling on her gloves. She’d had too many annoying interactions with stinging nettles in the past to forget about gloves. She handed some more nettles to Georgia, as the other girl was better placed to put them in the hutch.

“We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to, but are you okay?” she asked, unable to stop the sympathetic question. She didn’t want to press the other girl into dwelling on not-so-nice thoughts, but Tess knew that sharing a problem often made people feel better.

  • You have no idea...Georgia Kirkly, Teppenpaw, Thu Mar 30 07:04
    Georgia slouched into Care of Magical Creatures. She wondered whether it was too much to hope for that one year, just one, she wouldn’t be entering class puffy eyed on a regular basis. For the first... more
    • Tell me about it? — Tess Whittaker, Pecari, Thu Apr 6 15:14
      • Why, what's your angle?Georgia, Tue Apr 25 09:10
        ’Mind if I work with you?’ The words ‘Why would you want to?’ sprang immediately to mind, and came exceptionally close to being blurted out, but Georgia managed to hold them back and replace them... more
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