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Finn Scott, Teppenpaw
Me neither!
Fri Apr 14, 2017 10:51

Finn’s alarm hadn’t gone off that morning, for some reason, and he’d only been woken up by the sound of Jozua moving about their dormitory. Having to get ready in a bit of a rush had put him slightly on edge, and had started the day off on a wrong footing. He’d been a little bit later to breakfast than usual, meaning he’d had less time to eat, and he always liked to take his time for meals. Digestion was important, and it was messy to rush. He’d been clock-watching whilst he ate, but had been in time for his first class. Despite being a little distracted, nothing had gone too wrong in class, either. That was always a relief – Finn had heard stories about wizards who had accidentally blown people up, or worse, because of a slip in concentration.

His day had taken another turn for the worse at lunchtime, when he’d realised that he’d forgotten about a piece of homework due in tomorrow. Reluctantly admitting to himself that he’d be less inclined to work in the evening, Finn had quickly wolfed down some lunch before heading off to the library. He’d got a decent amount of work done, but had lost track of time, being startled when he realised that lunchtime was over. Luckily, CoMC was outside today, meaning that he’d been able to run through the grounds and (just) make it there in time.

Being almost-late meant that Finn was a little too preoccupied to answer any of Professor Taransay’s questions, although he did know the answers. He wasn’t in the habit of putting his hand up a lot, but CoMC was his favourite class, and one where he could usually be fairly confident in his response. Somehow, learning about animals made it easier for facts to stick in his brain.

Finn was paying more attention to the glumbumbles than the fact they’d been told to work in pairs, but luckily for him, Juniper was more on the ball. “Definitely,” he replied with a smile. He was always happy to work with Juniper, but it was particularly nice to work with her in CoMC. It was a class where it was always good to have a shared love of animals. Gwen was also another fun person to work with in CoMC, although she was no longer in Finn’s class. That was a shame, as he enjoyed her company, but hadn’t seen much of her out of class so far.

“Think you can handle their bad reputations?” he asked jokingly, not actually meaning it. Glumbumble treacle might have unwanted consequences, but Finn would need more than that to think badly of a creature. After all, the treacle had its uses.

Making sure to put his gloves on first, he selected a pile of nettles, picking them up and taking them over to a hutch. “Could you open the door for me?” he asked Juniper, getting ready to shove some nettles in before any glumbumbles could escape.

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    • Me neither! — Finn Scott, Teppenpaw, Fri Apr 14 10:51
      • Glad to hear itJuniper, Sat Apr 22 11:52
        Juniper grinned. The combination of animals-even something like glumbumbles-and her best friend was something that made her genuinely happy. Hopefully she could forget about everyone else being... more
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