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Glad to hear it
Sat Apr 22, 2017 11:52

Juniper grinned. The combination of animals-even something like glumbumbles-and her best friend was something that made her genuinely happy. Hopefully she could forget about everyone else being around for awhile. "Great!"

She nodded. "I think so." Despite being an animal lover, Juniper did know that there were animals out there that could and would hurt her. The thing was, she still loved them... from a distance. Besides, they couldn't help it, they needed to survive. If a tiger tried to eat her for example, it wasn't done out of malice. Malice was limited to dark creatures and human beings. Not all of them, there were those like Finn and her brother who were kind and gentle nor did she consider herself malicious. Juniper might have been terrified of people but that didn't mean she wanted to hurt them, just that she was afraid of them hurting her.

None of this applied to glumbumbles though. They weren't really all that dangerous themselves and while their treacle could have negative affects, it wasn't them who had people take it. It was the person's choice. Juniper wasn't judging people who took too much glumbumble treacle, but it was definitely not the fault of the glumbumble itself when they did. It wasn't as if the creature sat on a human's mouth and deposited their by-products inside.

So basically, they were an innocent, harmless, creature and Juniper was more than happy to take care of them. Even though horses were her favorite animal, she loved most creatures and would never want to hurt one, even though she would prefer to stay away from the ones who'd like to eat her. Unless it was at the zoo or something. Juniper loved the zoo of course though she hadn't been many times. Duncan had taken her last summer though on a day when it wasn't too busy. Her brother was so much more sensitive towards what Mother called Juniper's "issues" than anyone else was and he thought she deserved something special for having to suffer through balls. He was the best big brother in the world. Juniper hoped Araceli truly appreciated him and would treat him right. Duncan deserved that.

"Of course." She did as she was asked. She always did, not ever having the will to fight back. Juniper felt that would be a pointless endeavor. Of course, in this case she didn't mind one bit. For one thing, it wasn't that big a deal generally speaking and for another, she was happy to do anything for animals and Finn. "So how's it going?" Juniper asked. While she didn't generally enjoy talking to people, it was different with her friend. Plus, she genuninely cared about how he was doing.

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    • Glad to hear it — Juniper, Sat Apr 22 11:52
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