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Why, what's your angle?
Tue Apr 25, 2017 09:10

’Mind if I work with you?’

The words ‘Why would you want to?’ sprang immediately to mind, and came exceptionally close to being blurted out, but Georgia managed to hold them back and replace them with a mute, slightly amazed looking nod. Tess was older than her, and had a whole bunch of friends already. She was like… the super in crowd, as far as Georgia was concerned. She almost suspected this to be some kind of trick where she ended up with Glumbumble goop smeared on her books or in her hair. Tess’ house badge did little to reassure… Pecaris were “spontaneous” or some other nice euphemistic word that meant that they were the mostly likely to pull a prank on you.

Tess’ next question though seemed really genuine. Enough so to make Georgia feel guilty about her suspicions - even though she still couldn’t quite bring her guard down enough to trust the situation, which then just kept the guilt on a nice recursive loop. Luckily, thanks to her parents’ divorce, complexly fluxxing emotions that contradicted each other and created feedback loops were pretty much her default state of being, so it wasn’t like it was new.

“Some people from our year left,” she did, trying best to work out how to explain without making herself vulnerable to Tess, who she didn’t really know. “We were friends.” Ok, they had been her only friends, but she wasn’t exactly going to say that. She already probably looked like a complete tragic case without spelling it out for people, and may already have given Tess enough ammunition, if that was what she was looking for.

  • Tell me about it?Tess Whittaker, Pecari, Thu Apr 6 15:14
    Fourth year Tess seemed to be walking around with a permanent smile so far. A naturally optimistic person, the struggles and hardships of last year meant that, now everything was as okay as it could... more
    • Why, what's your angle? — Georgia, Tue Apr 25 09:10
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