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Professor Taransay
A bit of a change from the norm
Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:31

Rory arrived at the classroom just as his students did, looking a little bit rushed. The last few weeks had been busy, as he’d been writing up his part in the book he was publishing on Nundus, with his old friend Brett. Their summer expedition had gone exceedingly well, with hardly any casualties and no fatalities. However, the summer memories were tinged with sadness, as the end of the summer had been the time that Amelle had, for want of a simpler explanation, left him.

Still, work went on, and he was enjoying writing a detailed account of such fascinating creatures (though Rory did find all creatures fascinating). It was also a nice distraction from feelings of loneliness – he’d grown used to having Amelle around. He’d just received the latest edited draft, and had been going over that in the staff room when his alarm had gone. Rory found that it was a good idea to set alarms in case he got too engrossed – it eliminated the risk of accidentally missing a lesson, and teaching came before book-writing!

Today was an advanced class, which was fun – advanced students were the really keen ones, and Rory was able to get onto some really interesting topics. Recently they had been covering categories of animals, and he was interested to see if the class could take it further on their own.

“Hello everyone,” he greeted them, taking the register. “Today we’re going to be planning an essay – you don’t do them that often, so you can cope. The title will be ‘Thaumavores in the magical and muggle worlds’.” He wrote it on the board as he said it.

“Now, you should remember us discussing herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores, which led on to thaumavores. Can anyone define the word for me?” He picked on the first raised hand he saw, and awarded house points for the correct answer.

“For the essay, you should discuss common thaumavores, what exactly they feed on, and how some are able to survive in the muggle world. Feel free to work in pairs for the lesson. Your homework will be to write up the essay, which shouldn’t take long if you work well now and get all the planning done. Information is available in your textbooks, and there are also some relevant books at the front here. I’m also available if you want to talk through ideas, or are just stuck.”

Essay writing was something Rory tried to avoid, but it was impossible to entirely avoid it with the older students. Still, he reckoned this was an interesting topic, with scope for taking different approaches to the topic, and for working at different levels. Less enthusiastic students could take a more descriptive approach, but some of the books he had suggested delved into the more theoretical ideas behind how magic was actually converted into energy by the creatures, and why exactly it was that thaumavores were often electrovores as well.

OOC: Class rules apply. Catch me in chatzy (I’m Louis Valois) if you have any questions. Information on thaumavores can be found here: and here: . There doesn’t seem to be much canon information, so do make facts up if you’re interested – so long as it’s plausible, I doubt anyone will object! Also I really am happy for you to tag Rory if your student wants to discuss the theory side of things – I’m sad I don’t have an advanced student yet, to allow me to start linking up biology and CoMC!

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