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Jen White
Seems a wasted effort
Tue May 2, 2017 10:04

The Nameless Teppenpaw seemed easy to get along with, and he smiled when she turned his own introduction back on him. He seemed like as good a partner as anyone else in the room, based on her first impression (which was all she had to go on, so it would have to do), and apparently had a name to go with that sense of humour. She would have to give up mentally referring to him as Nameless Teppenpaw, as he then supplied her with his name. She didn;t know why he felt the need to add the origin of his name afterwards; maybe a lot of people had asked so he just did that now to pre-empt the question. Whatever, Jen wasn’t interested for now. Maybe if Kir ever became more familiar than just a class partner she might ask him why he had a Scottish name, but it didn’t seem applicable to poster creation. “Jen,” she supplied in return.

The way Kir said ‘last year’ confirmed he was in second year, although judging by his existing knowledge of Clabberts, Jen had already made that assumption. She liked the way he gave his opinion about their project in a very neutral way. The worst thing about partner work in her old school had been people always trying to make themselves heard in a variety of obnoxious ways. Kir wasn’t doing that. Jen appreciated his input, and nodded her head once to demonstrate her approval of including aspects of caring for the creatures. She wasn’t prepared to be asked for her own input so soon, and didn’t want to admit that she knew nothing about clabberts, It was perfectly reasonable for her to be ignorant, considering this was the very early part of her first year at the school, and yet implied lack of knowledge was always preferable to Jen than outright ownership of her cluelessness. “Diet, I guess,” she suggested with a shrug. “Whether they live in groups. Are they social?” The question there was more of a topic suggestion than her seeking information, but she wouldn’t object if it was provided.

“I’ll go and get the paper and pens,” Jen designated herself the first task. “When I come back maybe you can tell me why the cage,” she gestured with a directional nod of her head, “sometimes flashes red.” More accurately, the red flashes were coming from between the leaves, she supposed, as she set off to collect the requisite materials, but they were in the cage, so it was close enough.

The first year returned with a large sheet of paper and a pot full of brightly coloured felt tip pens. Poster making had been all the range at her Muggle school. While the task was familiar, she was a bit disappointed that wizards didn’t have a more magical way of presenting information. At least the subject matter was new and had potential to be interesting.

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    The girl's tone was friendly enough that, even though her words were less than enthusiastic, Kir didn't really get any kind of negative vibe from her. She didn't exactly seem bubbly but people could... more
    • Seems a wasted effort — Jen White, Tue May 2 10:04
      • And being wasteful is terribly badKir, Sat May 13 23:47
        “Sounds good,” Kir nodded at Jen’s suggestions. To be fair, she could have said pretty much anything and Kir would have been amicable and agreeable. Perhaps, if it had been totally off-topic or... more
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