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Ryder Knight
Let's get down to business.
Thu May 4, 2017 22:48

Ryder practically ran into the COMC classroom because he was late. He was in the MARS sports room trying to configure a way to have a ramp and railings to use his skateboard on. He tried using materials that he found laying around, and nearly broke his neck. He was sure there was some magical way to create a skate park, but he wasn’t experienced enough for that yet.

He plopped down in an open seat and set his Van’s book bag on the ground, which tipped over and spewed all the contents onto the floor. Ryder sighed, for he was trying to remain as unnoticed as possible since he was late. He picked up all his books and set them on the table in front of him. He glanced up and noticed a red light shining abruptly from a cage in the front of the room.

Ryder didn’t know what a Clabbert was, but his interest had been peaked. He opened his book to find its description, which depicted a creature that was a cross between a monkey and frog and stated that it emits a red light when it senses danger. Apparently, the Clabbert wasn’t feeling too safe in the classroom.

After the professor explained the assignment for the day, Ryder gathered a rainbow of felt-tip colours and some parchment to begin working on a poster. He turned to the person sitting next to him and asked “Hey, do you want to work on this together?” After some consideration, Ryder continued, “Maybe we should go look at the cage to get a better look at the Clabbert.”

  • Time to get creative! [Beginners]Professor Taransay, Sat Apr 1 07:22
    Today was, sadly, an inside day. As much as he liked to give his students experience with creatures, Rory couldn’t provide herds of animals for every single lesson, so for this lesson he’d settled on ... more
    • Let's get down to business. — Ryder Knight, Thu May 4 22:48
      • To defeat.... the huns?Florence Newell [Aladren], Fri May 5 00:45
        With a bit of a peak, Florence felt very prepared to answer the question about what the creatures were. She raised her hand, but ultimately, Kir McLeod beat her to the correct answer and... more
    • How could you resist?Kir McLeod, Teppenpaw, Tue Apr 4 20:16
      Kir had been a little bit sad to leave his family, but returning to Sonora was also a lot of fun. There was the cool Cascade Hall with its huge waterfalls, there was the feast, and there was sharing... more
      • With great effort Jennifer White, Thu Apr 6 06:59
        Getting used to a routine, uniform robes, and using a wand was a lot to take in all at once. Jen had yet to form opinions about her roommate, her classes, and a thousand other new experiences in her... more
        • So why fight it?Kir McLeod, Tue Apr 18 07:23
          The girl's tone was friendly enough that, even though her words were less than enthusiastic, Kir didn't really get any kind of negative vibe from her. She didn't exactly seem bubbly but people could... more
          • Seems a wasted effortJen White, Tue May 2 10:04
            The Nameless Teppenpaw seemed easy to get along with, and he smiled when she turned his own introduction back on him. He seemed like as good a partner as anyone else in the room, based on her first... more
            • And being wasteful is terribly badKir, Sat May 13 23:47
              “Sounds good,” Kir nodded at Jen’s suggestions. To be fair, she could have said pretty much anything and Kir would have been amicable and agreeable. Perhaps, if it had been totally off-topic or... more
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