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Florence Newell [Aladren]
To defeat.... the huns?
Fri May 5, 2017 00:45

With a bit of a peak, Florence felt very prepared to answer the question about what the creatures were. She raised her hand, but ultimately, Kir McLeod beat her to the correct answer and consequential House points. Ah, well, she supposed Teppenpaw was a nice enough House. Although it was the only one devoid of Newell blood at the moment, Flo did feel a bit of favoritism toward it (second place, after Aladren, of course). They all just seemed so very nice, and she was inclined to believe her little sister would end up there one day. Brett was her favorite sibling, of course, but Pecaris tended to be a bit loud for her taste. Sometimes Brett was a bit loud for her tastes, too, but that was different because he was her best friend.

And speaking of her brother, whom she usually worked with in class - her roommates were also a frequent choice of hers - he was beaten to her, apparently, as a different first year boy asked if she wanted to work together. Ryder something, she thought. What a weird name.

Still, weird name or not, she wasn’t going to be rude and say no. “Sure,” she smiled. “I’m Florence Newell. You can call me Flo.” The second year thought that if she didn’t know his full name for sure, it might be good taste to introduce herself. If nothing else, even if he knew her name already, he’d be compelled to give his in return, and then she could be sure she knew it correctly.

“A closer look sounds good,” she agreed. “I think we should it in the center of our poster,” she added, already organizing in her mind as she approached the cage. “Unfortunately, though, I’m not much of an artist. Do you think you can draw it?” Flo asked idly.

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    • To defeat.... the huns? — Florence Newell [Aladren], Fri May 5 00:45
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