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And being wasteful is terribly bad
Sat May 13, 2017 23:47

“Sounds good,” Kir nodded at Jen’s suggestions. To be fair, she could have said pretty much anything and Kir would have been amicable and agreeable. Perhaps, if it had been totally off-topic or strange, he would have amicably and agreeably tried to steer her back on track, but he was generally an easy going class partner. He assumed her last question was rhetorical, was something she was interested in finding out rather than was actually asking of him, so he didn’t reply. He didn’t fully know the answer anyway - you often got multiple clabberts in the same place, he knew that much, but whether that was because they liked each other’s company or just because it was a particularly good space to inhabit, he wasn’t sure - you could find lots of earwigs under the same log, but it didn’t mean that they were being sociable with each other, in the same way that ants were. Besides his own knowledge being incomplete, as an Aladren, Jen would probably enjoy the sense of finding out more for herself.

He was glad not to have volunteered his extra information, as her next act was to ask him to expand on what he already knew about the red flashes. Had he already answered her previous question, he might have begun to feel a bit like he was taking over, for all that he was being invited to talk now.

“They have a pustule on their heads,” he explained when she returned, glad of the couple of extra moments of thinking time her quest for pens had afforded him so that he could call that word to mind, and not have to refer to it as a ‘kind of blob thing.’ “It flashes red when they sense there’s danger. I guess a classroom full of strange smells and noisy students isn’t very reassuring. Hmm, perhaps we could charm the title of our poster flash red?” he suggested.

  • Seems a wasted effortJen White, Tue May 2 10:04
    The Nameless Teppenpaw seemed easy to get along with, and he smiled when she turned his own introduction back on him. He seemed like as good a partner as anyone else in the room, based on her first... more
    • And being wasteful is terribly bad — Kir, Sat May 13 23:47
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