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Professor Taransay
Intermediates: How artistic are you?
Tue May 30, 2017 11:58

After a year and a half teaching at Sonora, Rory really felt like he was getting to know his students well. He definitely considered this a good thing. For him, one of the best parts of teaching was to inspire the students, and help them to realise what an interesting subject magizoology was. Who knew, one of them might even become an expert in the field!

“Hello, all,” he greeted the class with a smile as a they entered, waiting until they had all sat down and were ready before he started the lesson.

“Today I’ve brought a friend of mine to meet you,” he announced, gesturing to the bird sitting on a perch on his desk. “This is Janet. Can anyone tell me what species she is?” He picked on the first raised hand he saw, and gave house points for the correct answer.

Janet was, in fact, an Augurey. She had been part of the Taransay family for a few years, and was so attached to Rory in particular that she had been depressed since his visits home had been less frequent of late. She’d perked up a lot during the holidays, when he’d been back to the family island, and Rory had decided to bring her back to America with him. The controlled climate of Sonora luckily meant that she could cope in Arizona.

“One part of caring for magical creatures is collecting information about them,” he continued. “This uses many skills – observation, careful documentation, and even drawing.” He grinned, guessing that not every student would find their task especially easy. “Today I’d like you to draw Janet. I’m not giving you any more instruction than this, but remember that the drawing is meant to serve a purpose.” The ideal drawing would be precise, to scale, and labelled, but Rory preferred to let his students work out what information would be most useful. If they had to work something out for themselves, they would be more likely to remember it. He had, however, made copies of a drawing he’d done, which he would hand out at the end of the lesson.

“Janet’s quite used to humans, so do come up if you want a closer look. However, Augureys are generally shy, so I expect you to remember how to act around all creatures. Be gentle, quiet, and don’t make sudden movements.” Hopefully his intermediate students would be aware of this, but Rory would always rather remind them than risk stressing an animal.

“I’ve got coloured pencils at the front, if you want them, and you can talk amongst yourselves as you work.”

OOC: Normal class rules apply and, please, let’s not have an entire class of Monets! Information on Augureys can be found here:

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