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Joe Umland, Teppenpaw
I'm feeling more grumpy, honestly.
Wed May 31, 2017 17:37

Birds could be physically pretty, Joe supposed – some of them, anyway – but they were not interesting. Not really, anyway. It was, he thought, one thing to marvel at how they could build their nests with their feet and beaks and whatnot, Mom had walked with him and John and Julian around parks and pointed this out to them when they were very small and so Joe had to acknowledge that point, but it was quite another to actively find them interesting. They spent their lives pecking at seeds. There was nothing of inherent interest in this.

Despite the firmness with which Joe held this opinion, though, birds were nevertheless something he knew a fair bit about. This was a natural and inevitable consequence of having shared a room with John for most of his life. His brother had a marked fondness for corvids, but really, John seemed to find the common chicken as interesting as the magical phoenix, and if Joe recalled correctly had spent some time convinced there was a biological relationship between the two. Their room had always had books about birds, pictures of birds, feathers from birds, or at least had for as long as Joe could remember. Joe was pretty sure it was impossible to avoid absorbing some facts about the creatures after all that time. Everyone in his family knew what corvids were, for instance, and what a passerine was, and even the two others who’d also had the experience of rooming with John had not done so in quite some time. The others had just absorbed it from living in the same house as him.

Because of this background, Joe knew the answer to the professor’s question. Because of recent events, he chose not to say so and let someone else identify the augurey. No doubt Professor Taransay knew of his brother’s mania and therefore probably at least strongly suspected (besides just because of Joe being a good student in general) that Joe knew what the bird was, so impressing the professor wasn’t a factor, and he was annoyed today not so much with John himself as with birds for reminding him of his brother. Tomorrow, probably, it would be something different. In theory, one day, they would all feel substantially better, but Joe was really starting to doubt that. Even when he started a day off on the right foot, he came to class and the lesson was birds.

He knew it wasn’t really Taransay he was irritated with as the professor gave them his vague instructions, but he still frowned when the professor grinned anyway. He liked to know why he was doing things, plus he liked things he could actually do. Drawing was…not so much one of those things. He appreciated art, but there was a big difference between liking it and liking to make it. He had done okay last year in the Ethiopia booth, but he’d had a long, long time to work and re-work on that. Drawing something accurate enough to use for…whatever…in a few minutes sounded a lot harder, and in his current mood, didn’t suit at all.

Nevertheless, he took out his pen and parchment and found a comfortable seat not too far from the augurey where he could see it from two angles. He might move later to make sure he got all sides. He smiled at the person who was beside him. “I just love vague directions, don’t you? They make my day.”

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    • I'm feeling more grumpy, honestly. — Joe Umland, Teppenpaw, Wed May 31 17:37
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