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Ben Pierce, Pecari
That makes me, um, Happy?
Thu Jun 1, 2017 20:07

The new semester opened promisingly. Okay, yes, he was basically doing Kyte's homework for him now, but it wasn't really all that much of a change from how it had been going before, and now he was getting to watch real-actual circus practices which was somehow way cooler than the times Kyte had tried to teach Ben circus tricks - way way more advanced, and he didn't need to keep stopping what he was doing to tell Ben how to do the relatively simple trick he was trying. And getting to watch the practices revived the Ben's respect for his friend that Kyte's new smoking habit had lost.

Plus Kyte's new Jellyhand Jenga game was really awesome, so they'd been playing that some, too. Ben was almost ready to reinstate Kyte as Best Friend, except that, well, Tess was a lot prettier to look at. This could probably all be solved quite easily by actually Asking Tess Out, which would settle her in the even nicer role of Girl Friend and open Best Friend back up for Kyte, but that would involve Asking Tess Out, and Ben was finding that to be a very intimidating prospect. What if she didn't want to date him? Would asking mess up the Best Friend thing too? It was just too risky right now.

Anyway, even though The Reading Homework To Kyte Even Though He Is Totally Not Listening Project was only a few days into practice, Ben was already seeing improvements in his own retention rates on the readings. Whereas before he'd skimmed through as fast as possible to find the answers for the homework questions, now he was actually reading each assignment, and not just reading it, but reading it aloud so he heard it, too. And the material could then rattle around in his brain and it seemed to actually be sticking now, so when Professor Tarnasay asked what kind of creature he had, Ben had a better answer than 'It's a bird.' Actually knowing the answer was still new to him, though, so he opted not to volunteer it in case he was wrong, but it turned out to be an Augurey like he'd thought it was. Cool.

After the professor explained the assignment, Ben took out some parchment and a muggle pencil with an eraser on it (drawing in ink was just dumb as far as he was concerned) and set to sketching. He was by no means any good at drawing, but if the choices were to draw a bird or write an essay about a bird, he was totally not going to complain about the former.

He looked up in surprise as his neighbor began talking and Ben grinned at him, cheerfully, "It's awesome. I mean, if they're not too specific, they can't get too mad if you don't do exactly what they had in mind, right?" He added a few more lines to his drawing that were supposed to represent the Augurey's beak, but they looked more like a primer on how to draw a triangle than it resembled the bird's actual beak, so he put in an arrow to the area in question and added a label that read "If I could draw, this would be the beak, which doesn't look like this at all. It's pointy, but " he frowned at the bird, and chewed on his pencil a moment before finishing his note, "kind of more downturned at the end, like a hawk's, but less."

Peeking over at Joe's sketch, Ben asked, "You any better at drawing?"

  • I'm feeling more grumpy, honestly.Joe Umland, Teppenpaw, Wed May 31 17:37
    Birds could be physically pretty, Joe supposed – some of them, anyway – but they were not interesting. Not really, anyway. It was, he thought, one thing to marvel at how they could build their nests... more
    • That makes me, um, Happy? — Ben Pierce, Pecari, Thu Jun 1 20:07
      • I'll take that over Sneezy.Joe Umland, Wed Jun 7 09:44
        Joe thought about Ben Pierce’s way of looking at things. “Hm, good point,” said Joe. “It might come back to bite us later – “ Joe had found that bit where Taransay deliberately pointed out his own... more
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