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Raine Collindale, Teppenpaw
Depends what kind of art (tag Nevaeh)
Sat Jun 3, 2017 00:31

Raine stifled a yawn as she took her seat in Care of Magical Creatures. This term was going to be brutal. She had always tried to stay fit and healthy, to keep pushing herself to develop the skills she’d need for her family’s circus, but she had to admit it had slipped over the last couple of years. Without her family around, without being the default way of life, with it having to compete with all her school work, she definitely hadn’t been doing as much as she should’ve, and now she needed to catch up. That meant cardio workouts and flexibility training, on top of practising the moves for real with her hoop. Plus nagging Kyte, plus homework. She had got up at 5.30am in order to fit in an hour of pilates and an hour of studying before the day began for real. A nap at lunch time was sounding awfully tempting already, especially as she didn’t yet have any pressing assignments, although she was sure she’d regret it later when the work reached overload point. It was fine so long as the teachers just set reading. She’d truthfully never bothered to do more than fifty percent of that anyway, and Ben was currently joining their training sessions to read at them, though she barely took anything in from it. It was once they started having to put all those pieces together to make an essay or something that she already knew she’d have difficulty. But, in spite of being able to see the disaster on the horizon, it was so easy to put off doing anything but the bare minimum that she needed to keep herself out of detention and free to practise.

She stared, glassy eyed, as Professor Taransay asked them what kind of animal it was. It was a bird. She snapped to attention though when someone mentioned it was an augurey. Whilst mainstream science may have proven that augureys were nothing to do with death, Raine’s family was deeply superstitious, and she had been raised to believe that their cries were death omens. She really hoped the bird stayed quiet. How could Professor Taransay bring something like that into a school? The hairs on her arms were standing on end just thinking about it.

The combination of tired and panicked wasn’t the best for processing cryptic half-instructions, something Raine wasn’t very good at at the best of times anyway. She really wished teachers would just spell out what they wanted them to do. Of course, half the time she’d be unable to do it very well, but at least she’d know. She decided that having a friend to help her would be an advantage, because at least she wasn’t as embarrassed to admit to them that she hadn’t got a good grip on the material, and Nevaeh was probably the smartest of their group. She wondered what her friend was going to do for the main class assignment anyway… She guessed that Nevaeh was kind of used to taking instructions in her own way - when people said to read, write, or examine, Nevaeh had her own way to do that. Raine had seen the embossed and raised pictures in Nevaeh’s textbooks, but she didn’t know whether the other girl could produce them. She guessed it was a separate kind of skill, one that maybe depended on the artisticness of the individual, unlike learning to read and write which was a bit more cut and dry - you could just memorise letters, but you couldn’t memorise artistic ability.

“Hey,” she asked her friend, “You wanna work together?” She’d been too preoccupied to notice that partners hadn’t actually been mentioned, and as it was the usual way of working at Sonora, her mind had just defaulted to making it a pairs project. “I think I need some help to figure out what he means about purposes. Maybe I can contribute some artistic skills in return?” she offered uncertainly, partly because she didn’t want to imply Nevaeh couldn’t do something, in case she took that the wrong way, but also because Raine tended to not really value the skills she could offer when it came to anything scholastic. She was actually a halfway decent drawer though - it was a nice thing to do, when she needed to relax and recharge, although she tended to prefer flowers and trees to people and animals, as they were simpler and stayed still. “I can probably do an ok job in pencil, but I’ve looked into embossing and raising charms a bit,” she admitted. She had sort of been meaning to save that as a surprise for once she got good enough at it to use on Nevaeh’s Christmas cards, which she currently relied on different textured materials and cut outs to achieve, but now seemed a relevant time to bring it up. And, maybe if Nevaeh was experienced with them, she could help Raine know where she was going wrong. Raine's family philosophy on studying had always been to learn on the fly, finding the spells that were useful to them, and so - whilst she normally lagged behind in class - she had occasional, unexpected seams of talent, where a spell had seemed relevant and important enough for her to go and find out more. “So, maybe we can try some of those too?”

OOC - notes of Nevaeh’s textbooks checked with her author. The bird picture in this article is mostly what I’m referencing.

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    • Depends what kind of art (tag Nevaeh) — Raine Collindale, Teppenpaw, Sat Jun 3 00:31
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