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Joe Umland
I'll take that over Sneezy.
Wed Jun 7, 2017 09:44

Joe thought about Ben Pierce’s way of looking at things. “Hm, good point,” said Joe. “It might come back to bite us later – “ Joe had found that bit where Taransay deliberately pointed out his own failure to give specific instructions a bit…ominous, somehow – “but you’re not wrong.”

His mother would be extremely displeased with this line of reasoning. He ignored this.

He drew a long oval which was supposed to be the Augurey’s body. He then began drawing smaller ovals over its chest, hoping this would suffice for drawing feathers. Then he realized he was going to find it difficult to differentiate the wings, so he tried to draw a double-thickness line to mark them off. A couple of the feathers on the wing edges looked darker, so he supposed he could shade those in more heavily – but then how to differentiate them from the lines showing they were even there? Maybe he could earn a few extra credit points and make life easier on himself by charming the paper to show the colors, or at least near approximations of them.

“I doubt it,” he said when Ben asked if he was any better at drawing. He added a great big triangle to the back of the oval for the tail. “I was just thinking about trying to charm in some colors so I can tell where the wings are. Colored pencils weren’t on the supply list I got back in July.” He didn’t know if Ben would recognize this reference or not. He felt reasonably sure that a guess that American public schools also gave students lists of stuff to buy for themselves would constitute an educated guess, but a good chunk of his classmates might not even be familiar with the idea of public primary education. Joe himself only knew of it by reputation and his private tutor growing up had been his mother. “I’m really regretting not taking that drawing program thing my mom wanted me to take before I came to school right now.”

  • That makes me, um, Happy?Ben Pierce, Pecari, Thu Jun 1 20:07
    The new semester opened promisingly. Okay, yes, he was basically doing Kyte's homework for him now, but it wasn't really all that much of a change from how it had been going before, and now he was... more
    • I'll take that over Sneezy. — Joe Umland, Wed Jun 7 09:44
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