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Nevaeh Reed [Aladren]
Bird art, from what I can tell.
Thu Jun 15, 2017 18:10

This is Janet. Can anyone tell me what species she is?

Nevaeh glanced down in the direction she knew her service dog to be. Scout made no movements that were big enough for her to perceive, but she liked to at least pretend that her understood her sceptic sarcasm. She raised her hand, but fortunately, she was not called upon for the answer, because the actual answer - Augurey - was probably more helpful to the group than hers would have been. She was going to say something along the lines of “greenish blob”, which was simply not specific enough.

Professor Taransay instructed the class to draw the bird “for a purpose”, and Nevaeh couldn’t help rolling her eyes. Fortunately, she was seated beside Raine, who had an idea for a more functional arrangement. “That sounds good to me,” Nevaeh agreed. “I was gonna just draw the long blobby shape I see, but, like, your plan is definitely better.”

A crooked grin spread across her face as Raine mentioned the little research project she had taken upon herself. What a Teppenpaw, this girl was. “Raine, that’s… that’s awesome,” said Nevaeh earnestly. She wasn’t one to necessarily get super emotional, but she was definitely going to have some Feelings about that gesture later on, when she was fairly confident there was nobody around except Scout.

“Um, as to the purpose thing…” she pondered, trying to get back on track and distract herself from any preemptive Feelings trying to happen, “Maybe he just means we should label body parts? We could include what they do? Like, Augureys are the ones that sing when it’s gonna rain, right? So maybe we put a note about that with an arrow to the beak? I don’t know. If he’s gonna be vague about it, I can’t imagine he’ll mark us down for not doing exactly what he had in mind, anyway.”

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    • Bird art, from what I can tell. — Nevaeh Reed [Aladren], Thu Jun 15 18:10
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