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With a Mysterious Purpose
Thu Jun 22, 2017 03:56

“I’m definitely not awesome at it yet,” Raine informed the other girl, blushing rather furiously at Nevaeh’s compliment. She hoped she could produce a halfway decent card by the next occasion she had to give Nevaeh one but she didn’t want her to get her hopes up - it was entirely possible that Raine wouldn’t be able to manage much except indistinct wibbly shapes, especially as she now had so much else to do with her time. If she had been more confident, she would have presented this last Christmas, passing it off as melting snowmen, which might have been quite a good joke, but Raine was too self-conscious and too much of a perfectionist. Her teachers might have struggled to believe that last part, but for those things that really mattered to her, she was very exacting. She was going to spend a term of blood, sweat and tears on her circus performance, and she still knew that if it was not good enough then it would not be right to show it. If she tried her best and failed to live up to the required standard, her mother would still be proud of her for trying, but not so much so that she’d let her be in the show. Sometimes, your best was not good enough. Sometimes, you had to get something right, or there were consequences.

“That makes sense,” she nodded, when Nevaeh mentioned about labelling it. She felt Nevaeh was being over-generous in her analysis of teachers and their whims though. In Raine’s experience, it was exactly like a teacher to lead them along with vague hints and then get cross when they didn’t do it right. Still, she had a lot more faith in not running afoul of Professor Taransay with Nevaeh to help her. She didn’t venture to contradict Nevaeh on how mean teachers, as a species, could be, nor did she add in the fact that augureys singing meant someone would die, as she was sure Nevaeh knew that too and just didn’t want to bring bad luck by mentioning it.

“Maybe you can start reading and looking for important parts that we’ll need to label, and then I can try to make them clear in my picture?” she suggested, pulling out her pencils and beginning to sketch the Augurey. “I can’t go straight into the embossing charms yet. I kind of have to draw it out to give myself something to work with,” she explained. She had tried a few times, and the shapes had ended up spreading uncontrollably or unevenly.

  • Bird art, from what I can tell.Nevaeh Reed [Aladren], Thu Jun 15 18:10
    “ This is Janet. Can anyone tell me what species she is? ” Nevaeh glanced down in the direction she knew her service dog to be. Scout made no movements that were big enough for her to perceive, but... more
    • With a Mysterious Purpose — Raine, Thu Jun 22 03:56
      • It always struck Nevaeh when it became apparent: Raine’s level of confidence (or, rather, lack thereof). She didn’t get it. Raine was great. Definitely Nevaeh’s best friend in her year, although she... more
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